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Do you know what is the pocket of jeans? No, this is not what you think

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Have you ever wondered, while wearing jeans, the usefulness of that pocket, sometimes even sewn in? In fact it does not have a purely decorative purpose as one might think.

There is a specific motive behind this creation, which today accompanies only some types trouser But who has a story that absolutely must know.

Jeans pocket (

The story is long hundred years at least And she is very curious. Too small for hands, inconvenient for any other use, little space and almost useless.

jeans pocket

There was to answer curiosity levy, The company that tucked these details into their pants. According to the company, in fact, this one pocket watch Then a pocket made for a pocket watch.

Pocket jeans what is it
Pocket jeans what is it (

In the 19th century, one Quora user explains, cowboys wore a pocket watch with a chain on it, and tucked it into their waistcoat. To keep it from breaking, Levi designed this little pocketThe pocket was first made in 1873, and today it is “fake” because it is often closed or in no way used, but was a necessity during that time. Brand levy, Founded in 1853, it has always been a pioneer in innovative solutions. In the nineteenth century, many men, especially cowboys, were hours In the chest pocket as well as some gold nuggets. This is the most expensive flight in the world.

To prevent it from breaking, they deposited it in this little cabin. levy, Realizing the usefulness of the system, he devised a very practical solution. Obviously the situation has changed over the years, as the ’90s ad showed, you can put a condom, a box of matches, a note and some money.

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Levi’s: The Company That Launched the Trends

Today it is just an item that stays in the pants, especially in levy, As a symbol, it is an element that we are “used to” even though we don’t use it at all. Levy is still being held today The “mother” of all kinds of jeans, set up by a German immigrant of Jewish descent who arrived in California during the Gold Rush, and here he set up a branch of the company that he ran with the brothers in New York. The ability to anticipate the market, to launch fashion and tradition, was certainly the main feature that made the brand an international success.

At first they were right Cowboys, lumberjacks and railroad workers To use these pants, starting from the twenties, during the thirties rather they became widespread on farms and after the Second World War they became a real cult.

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