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Disney+, news arrives in July 2022

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Bob’s Burgers – The Movie is an animated adventure comedy based on the Emmy® award winning series of the same name. After a water pipe ruptures that cuts a hole in front of Bob’s Burgers blocking its entrance, Bob and Linda struggle to keep the business afloat. Meanwhile, the boys are trying to solve a mystery that could happen

Save the restaurant.

Streaming movies from 13th July.

The FX brand, In the Name of Heaven, is a series inspired by Jon Krakauer’s best-selling true crime series and follows the events leading up to the murders of Brenda Wright Lafferty (Daisy Edgar Jones) and her infant daughter in a suburb of Salt. Lake Valley, Utah. As Detective Jeb Bear (Andrew Garfield) investigates the events involving the Lafferty family, he discovers buried truths about the origins of the Mormon religion and the violent consequences of an unshakable faith. What Pyre, a devout Mormon, discovers leads him to question his faith.

The series consists of seven episodes and stars Sam Worthington, Dennis Gough, Wyatt Russell, Billy Hall, Jill Birmingham, Adelaide Clemens, Rory Culkin, Seth Numrich, Chloe Perry and Sandra Sikat. in the name of heaven Created by Academy Award winner Dustin Lance Black, he is also presenter and executive producer along with Brian Grazer, Ron Howard and Anna Kolb for Imagine Television; Jason Bateman and Michael Costigan of Aggregate Films; David Mackenzie and Gillian Berry. in the name of heaven Produced by FX Productions.

The full season of the original series will air from July 27.

The Wildcats head to Camp Shallow Lake, a California summer camp, where they will experience an unforgettable summer of romance and no-nights of wandering and living outdoors with their buddies. With a production of Frozen on the horizon and a “docuserie” full of behind-the-scenes drama, will the Wildcats be able to prove who’s “best in the snow” without leaving anyone out in the cold?

The third season of the Disney+ Original series will begin airing July 27.

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When a beautiful and cruel princess refuses to marry the ruthless sociopath to whom she is betrothed, she is kidnapped and locked in a remote tower in her father’s castle.
With the suitor refusing and determined to take revenge by usurping the throne, the princess is called upon to protect her family and save the kingdom.

the film the princess Directed by Le-Van Kiet (angerand stars Emmy-nominated Joey KingverbAnd the kissing booth) who will play a skilled and brave young man. In addition to the aforementioned Joey King, the movie stars Dominic Cooper (preacher), Olga Kurylenko (Black Widowand Veronica Ngoold guard). the princess Directed by Le-Van Kiet and written by Ben Lustig (thirstAnd Jake ThorntonFinal Fantasy) and produced by Neil H. Moritz ( fast and angry(Toby Jaffe)Total Pull – the act of forceand Derek KolstadJohn Wick), while Joey King and Guy Riedel are executive producers.

The original movie is streaming from July 1.

Not Okay follows Danny Sanders (Zoe Deutch), an aspiring writer with no goals, no friends, no sentimental viewpoints, and, worst of all, no followers, who fakes a girlfriend’s Instagram trip to Paris in hopes of increasing her popularity on the social media medium. When a terrible accident occurs in the City of Lights, Danny falls

Inadvertently a bigger lie than he imagined. She returns as a heroine, and forms an unlikely friendship with Rowan (Mia Isaac), who survives a school shooting and is committed to changing society, winning the man of her dreams, Colin (Dylan O’Brien). As an influencer and activist, Danny finally has the life and audience he has always wanted. But it’s only a matter of time before that perfect picture cracks and Danny discovers the hard way the Internet loves bad news.

The original movie is streaming from July 29.

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ZOMBIES 3 stars Milo Manheim as Zombie Zed and Meg Donnelly as cheerleader Addison, at the start of their first year at Seabrook High, in a city that has become a safe haven for monsters and humans. Zedd awaits a sports scholarship that will make him the first zombie to attend college, while Addison prepares for Seabrook’s first national celebration. But suddenly, aliens will arrive

at Seabrook, causing nothing but friendly competition. The film also stars Chandler Kinney as Willa, Ariel Martin as Winter, Pierce Guza as Wyatt, Carla Jeffrey as Brie; Trevor Tordjman plays Bucky, Kylie Russell is Eliza, Terry Ho plays the A-spen, Matt Cornett is the A-lan, Kyra Tantao is the A-li, James Godfrey plays Bonzo, and Kingston Foster is Zoey.

The Disney + Original movie is streaming July 15.

With exclusive access, Oscar®-nominated director Lawrence Kasdan takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes adventure at Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm’s special effects, animation and virtual production division. Audiences will be able to discover what inspired some of the most legendary directors in Hollywood history and explore their stories from early films to bring to life George Lucas’ vision. Produced by Imagine Documentaries and Lucasfilm and executive producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, the six-episode documentary series will premiere July 27 exclusively on Disney+.

The Disney + Originals series airs July 27.

Santa Evita is the story of a body without a tomb and the legend that followed. In 1955, a military coup in Argentina overthrew President Juan Domingo Perón and hid Evita’s body for 16 years to prevent him from becoming a symbol against the regime. Before her death, Eva had become a powerful political figure as the wife of General Perón, and her unburied corpse had haunted the country’s political arena for more than two decades.

The original series will air on July 26.

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An epic drama series from generation to generation about two Latino families fighting for fortune

and strength in California’s Sonoma Valley.

The first season of the original series will air from July 6.

Chris (Martin Freeman) drives an emergency car in his difficult hometown of Liverpool. Night after night he faces crime, violence and addiction on the streets as he struggles with personal demons that threaten to destabilize his job, marriage and mental health. When Chris has to welcome the new

Recruits Rachel (Adelayo Adedayo), both of them soon discover that survival in this salty, cruel and dark world hinges on helping or destroying each other. The events take place over the course of a week with increasingly tense night shifts. From the depths of despair and helplessness with his family

Out of control, Chris clings to the idea of ​​saving the life of a young drug addict stuck in a deadly dilemma. If he succeeds, perhaps he can save himself and rediscover what it means to be a police officer.

All episodes of the crime series are streaming from July 6th.

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