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Batman 2 confirmed, Matt Reeves signs multi-year deal with Warner | Cinema

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despite what he wrote diverse A few weeks ago, or so Batman 2 From Matt Reeves We haven’t yet received the official green light from Warner, we know it’s only a matter of time, and sooner or later news will come to that effect.

And from the deadline comes confirmation now: Matt Reeves Officially working on the sequel to the lead movie Robert Patterson. And not only: Batman 2 It will be part of a one-year pre-emption agreement signed by the director and his production company, 6th & Idaho, with Discover Warner Bros. That includes both theater and television productions. In fact, Reeves became the first director to sign such a contract with a new media conglomerate born out of the Warner and Discovery merger.

Here is the comment made by Matt Reeves:

The fact that this legendary studio became my home is a dream come true. I am pleased to work with Michael De Luca, Pamela Abdi (Co-CEOs of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, editor) and Channing Dongyi (President of Warner Bros. Television Group, editor) and our teams to shape the stories. I can’t wait to bring it to the big and small screen.

Under the agreement, Warner Bros.’ various film divisions will have Pictures, New Line Cinema, Warner Animation Group and DC Comics – Right to first refuse any work by Matt Reeves, whether it is intended to be a director, producer or screenwriter. . The director is currently working on it Batman 2who writes with Matson Tomlinan uncredited former screenwriter for the film, which was released in March 2022.

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De Luca commented on everything as follows:

Warner has a strong household tradition for the great filmmakers, especially Clint Eastwood. Our goal is precisely to continue down this path, and follow it with the people with whom we have had success […] And for someone like Matt, I will provide the means to do what he wants to do. We invest in everything Matt is dedicated to doing, whether it’s in the Batman universe or whatever. We will support whatever you wish to do.

the first Batman It was critically acclaimed and loved by audiences, grossing $770 million on a budget of about $200.

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