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Discover the farthest star ever!

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after NASA has annoyed us with today’s scheduled announcementFinally, the news arrived: The farthest star ever discovered. The result was a real stroke of luck, as the help of telescope instruments and the effect of a gravitational lens were needed to locate the star.

The star was nicknamed erendell by astronomers and It emitted its light during the first billion years of the universe’s life. This is a historical discovery, as the previous record for the Hubble distance, which occurred in 2018, was about 4 billion years after the Big Bang (by the way, Here is the effect of gravitational lensing observed with telescopes).

The celestial body is located within a huge group of galaxies WHL0137-08. This is where the James Webb Space Telescope will start: the instrument will analyze this group for Learn about the brightness, temperature and composition of Earendel. The latter, although experts doubt it, could be a star of the first generation.

The newly discovered star is very far away Its light took 12.9 billion years to reach Earth, it appears to us as if the universe was only 7% of its current age. “Normally at these distances, entire galaxies look like tiny specks, with the light of millions of stars fused togethersaid astronomer Brian Welch of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.The galaxy that hosts this star has been magnified and distorted by gravitational lenses into a long crescent that we call the sunrise arc.“.

In short, a really amazing find.

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