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Discount counter and electronic invoice: what will the tax authority do now

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It seems that 2022 wants to repeat Income Scale As a tool to combat tax evasion: This is what was read in various paragraphs in a report issued by the Ministry of Economy. In order to use it, an additional “weapon” will be provided by electronic invoicing in order to control more expensive purchases made by taxpayers.

Electronic Invoice for Income Scale

On the The only 24Ore reported”The need to focus attention on information in the tax record that indicates a savings capacity incompatible with declared incomeTranslated in a nutshell: Depending on the type of expense, the tax officer can track the income and understand whether that particular purchase is compatible with the money you have. That is why we talk about the return in a large-scale style of profit, which “works” with respect to what results in electronic invoices, Especially for purchases of a certain value. In this way, the document can discover data on the nature, quality and quantity of the services invoiced.It will make it possible to make a concrete assessment of whether the subject of the service falls within those that are a manifestation of the ability to spend‘, understandable from the point of view of consumption as well as from the point of view of investments as well as the ability to combine information with other data such as real estate data.

If used judiciously, profit meter is one of the most valid tools used by financial management. “sAnd that the taxpayer spent, it means that he earned first“. What has led many politicians not to accept this tool willingly is to change the data that happened in the past, such as the idea of ​​making use of Istat values. As we discussed at, the goal will be to clearly define the real contribution capacity of citizens and launch any checks With a difference of more than 20% between declared and reconstituted income.In fact, the IRS aims to make better use of the undisclosed potential of Superanagrafe Current Accounts based on five key data: the balance at the beginning and end of the year, the sum of incoming and outgoing movements and the average stock.

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Concern for privacy

In this way, it should be possible to better define “black” incomes even if they are not translated into consumption and for which the data already expressed by the tax register will be taken into account by the tax authorities. However, as we wrote, the privacy guarantor has set very specific quotas that require limited access to integrated data, and that the information be used only after tax audits have begun. Moreover, there should be more restrictions only when the data is related to the performance of lawyers and professional accountants are engaged in the analysis of the information that will be sent to the tax authorities. Thus, the privacy guarantor’s attempt is to try to protect and secure the electronic billing database. To date, more than 2 billion purchase connections pass through the database, connections that can be kept for up to 8 years.

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