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Disadvantages of government, advantages of Lega Calcio. It was not possible to play in Udine. Roma Juventus, mediocre synthesis. Mourinho, what a disaster!

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Let Draghi and the government show Roma-Juventus, perhaps they will also understand that it is true that this country needs rigor but also a normal and lively life. Only football helps distract people from the funeral news. They wanted to stop him because, as with Conte, they had shown themselves to be incompetent and enemies of the entire football system; Just to take pictures with the trophy after winning the European Championship. Brand! They want to close stadiums because of the surge in injuries, but by chance the boom occurred between December 20 (30,000 injuries) and January 6 (190 thousand injuries). It is a pity that football, in those weeks, was on holidays. The ski slopes are full, restaurants are full but the pitch is 50% to blame. The proof is that the problem is not half a complete stage but only the incompetence of those who told us ‘Do this and we’ll be fine’. We did this… but what’s the point? nothing! The local health authorities have explained why we are in this state of health. We are ruled by incompetent people, when they want to put their beak even in a football, they take slaps and kicks from the tar. Government authorities denied by a regional court. We are the land of persimmons. Draghi, like Conte, bows to ministers (like Speranza) who haven’t guessed a move for two years. He won in Liga Calcio. at the moment. Tar and beyond. The sum of 5 thousand is such an irony that some clubs (such as Milan) lose money, which would lose at least 3-5 million to make Draghi happy. This Sunday 50%, Super Cup 50%, then Sunday 5000 and then back after the break, in February, maybe 50%. We are victims of bureaucracy and political nonsense. It is important not to stop the football and proceed with caution. The missing person in Udine. Because if it was true that the league was going well and responding to every move from government and the North American League, then it made sense to understand that some games could not be played. Even with the positive opinion of tar. In Udine, there was no freak if you didn’t play. Udinese was torn. The team is in quarantine for a week and positive in bed with fever. With this cold, there is also the risk of losing players to muscle injuries after 7 days on the couch. Udinese – Atalanta did not play.
The Roma-Juventus match was emblematic of the mediocre performance as two coaches of the biggest pranksters of the season faced each other. One was in the stands, Allegri, and the other with his silhouette on the bench. We had fun with Roma and Juventus. So a lot. But having fun doesn’t always mean a good game and show. exactly the contrary. Mourinho confirmed what I saw with my own eyes three days ago at the San Siro. Mourinho is the biggest disappointment in Italian football in recent years. He’s right there by name and syllabus, the rest he only manages to make movies at press conferences but not even a hint of gaming. On December 4th was put in Mourinho and the Romanians were indignant. I do not understand this. For far less than Roma fans making revolts, Mou was awarded American Express Unlimited. You can swipe as much as you want to never run out of credit. Instead, Mourinho is not American Express but an advance payment that is about to expire. He lost with all the big names, with Juventus and Milan, made two rounds of fencing, drew only with Napoli, won only in Bergamo, and historically cheated in the European third division. So yesterday lost at home with a small Juventus, with a double advantage. Juventus is small because they won thanks to the singles and the reaction but nothing was seen against Roma who conceded 3 goals in Milan (6 could have been 6 between cross issues and a foul penalty) and yesterday another 4. Change of record but to be honest, it is the company that should help him. January is very important not to interfere right away. This team needs a man in the middle of the field and a real striker. With just these two moves, Juventus will have the ambition to close in the top four and move forward in the Champions League.

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