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Diodato returns to sing for Diabolik, in the sequel directed by Manetti Bros

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Singer Diodato will return to the cinema on the film’s soundtrack Diabolic 2Directed by Manetti Bros and inspired by the historical comedy.

no doubt Diabolic It is one of the most famous Italian comedies of all time. Created from Sisters’ Pencils Angela and Luciana Gossani Set in the early 1960s, it chronicles the adventures of a thief and a ruthless killer, as well as a crime genius.

Thanks to the very strong and gloomy type, the work led to the birth Italian black cartoon It quickly became one of the best-selling and most popular books of all time. For the first time, in fact, the main character was not a hero, but an unscrupulous criminal: a thief, as the name implies, evil, demonic, unlike others, for example, Lupine.

Diabolik 2 –

In 2021 brothers Marco and Antonio Manetti head film adaptation The cartoon, which stages the first meeting and the development of the criminal’s relationship with her Eva KantHistoric companion.

Not everyone knows, in fact, that before the famous thief’s meeting with the blonde bun, the protagonist had another girlfriend, Elizabeth Jaywho ignores his second life. Initially, the young woman was a nurse in a psychiatric hospital (asylum, given the situation in the 1960s) and she was young and kept. During the development of the plot, her character will change a lot, until she becomes crazy and vengeful.

Manetti Bruce wanted the singer deodato For the soundtrack of their soon-to-be movie on November 17, 2022. Are you ready to watch it?

Diodato returns to the cinema in Diabolik’s vocal music

The full title of the sequel is Diabolic – Genko in the attack And he will accurately talk about the eternal struggle between the thief and Inspector Ginko, his arch rival. The spit It has changed a little, as the hero will not be played Luca Marinellibut who Giacomo Gianottiwho also starred in the medical series instinct anatomy. Here he played the role of surgeon Andrew De Luca, Meredith’s new partner after Derek’s death.

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Giacomo Gianotti Solocine
Giacomo Gianotti –

There is also important news for Audio recording. will be the protagonist deodatowho sang it – If you want me It will be the main title for the entire musical part of the movie. The singer just finished his world tour, which went to Europe and the United States, and finally returned to compose for the cinema.

In fact, his last musical experience in cinema dates back to What a wonderful life. The artist is one of the most honored artists in the history of Italian music, among sanremoDavid Di Donatello, Nastre d’Argento and Chiac Douro.

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