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The best movies you can watch on the occasion of Mother’s Day

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Today is the celebration of mother’s Day: As is the case every year, the second Sunday in May is a day dedicated entirely to mothers, to the women who gave us life, who raised us and loved us. A key figure in real life, she also became a heroine of cinematic culture, which has always devoted ample space to the familial relationship between a mother and her children. That’s why we decided to suggest some perfect movies to watch on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

The best movies to celebrate Mother’s Day

Hey Mom!

Among the films that tell the story of the beautiful relationship between a mother and her daughter there is undoubtedly one Hey Mom!, Musical based on songs Abba Starring a cast of stars. The story is Donna’s story (always extraordinary Meryl Streep), a woman who lives on a Greek island and runs a collapsing hotel. But the first thing Donna thought of was ensuring her daughter Sophie’s wedding (Amanda) Do not forget. For this reason, the heroine also invites her best friend, Rosie (Julie Walters(And Tanya)Christine Baranski). What Donna doesn’t know is that Sophie has written to the three men she thinks might be her potential fathers, inviting them to the wedding. And so Donna will also have to face her former friends: the adventurer Bill (Stellan Skarsgard), Elegant Harry (Colin Firth(The Magician’s Medal)Pierce Brosnan). Hey Mom! Which is broadcast this evening at 9.26pm on La5, and also has a sequel, Mamma Mia – Here we go again, But it is less good than the first chapter.

This is where the heart is

One of the most underrated films out there starring the very talented actress Natalie Portman, This is where the heart is It’s a feature film that could be put in the category of melodrama, but it’s actually a film that reflects a lot about what it means to be a mother, even when there are no blood ties or when tragedy touches our family. The protagonist is Novaline (Portman), who was abandoned by her partner while she was pregnant at Walmart. Without a penny in her pocket, the girl can only live inside the supermarket, while little by little she begins to make friends with the locals, such as Sister Thelma (Sister Thelma). Stockard Channing to fat), who takes under his wing the rootless young man, or Forni (James Frain), the librarian who saves Novaline from giving birth in the supermarket aisles. Abandoned once again by her mother, the protagonist begins a new life with her daughter Americus, while making friends with Lexi (Ashley Judd), Another single mother is about to experience the worst nightmare a mother could imagine.

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Women, rules and… a lot of trouble!

Another perfect movie to watch on the day we celebrate Mother’s Day is Without a Doubt Women and rules and… a lot of trouble, Which showcases the different relationships between a mother and her daughter, and also plays on the generation gap. The heroine of the film is Rachel.Lindsey Lohan(who was sent to live with her domineering grandmother, Georgia)Jane Fonda) As a result of uncontrollable violent behavior. In a small town in Idaho, Rachel begins working as a secretary for a veterinarian (Dermot Mulroney(And the Mormons befriend Harlan)Garrett Hedlund). But everything changes when Rachel confesses to her employer that she was molested and raped by her stepfather (Cary Elwes). The discovery of this terrible secret also brings Lily back to the country (Felicity Huffman), Rachel’s mother who not only doesn’t want to believe her daughter, but is also angry towards her mother, Georgia. Within the walls of the house, between confessions, remorse and alcoholism, the three women will have to find a way to coexist and understand what the truth is.


Another beautiful mother-daughter relationship that has been brought to life on the big screen is the one shown in the musical Hairspray. The film takes place in Baltimore in the 1960s. Hairspray Tells Tracy’s story (Nikki Blonsky), a cheerful, overweight girl, is chosen to be part of the dance troupe of a popular TV show in which the boy she likes also works (Zac Efron). Tracy’s full exposure worries her mother Edna greatly (john Travolta), who lives isolated at home, and suffers from a form of agoraphobia linked to the shame women feel about their physical appearance. While Tracy tries to help her mother accept herself and confront the evil of Velma von Tussel (Michelle Pfeiffer), the world outside television studios is changing and Tracy decides she wants to be part of the change.

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Disney’s animated feature film production is full of more than legitimate examples of beautiful relationships between mothers and children. Think, for example, of films like Dumbo or bambi, And it’s the most “exploited” when it comes to movies you can watch on Mother’s Day. But one of the most beautiful mother-son relationships ever depicted by Disney is the one in which it appears Tarzan, The 1999 film was directed by Kevin Lima and Chris Buck and made unforgettable thanks to the soundtrack by Phil Collins (also in Italian). Young Tarzan, already a victim of a shipwreck, is left an orphan after his parents are killed by the cheetah Sabor. Gorilla Kala, who has not yet overcome the trauma associated with losing her cub again to Sabor, rescues him from the jaws of a predator. Kala, despite his diversity, accepts Tarzan into her group and into her heart, as his mother. A wonderful relationship, well represented in the equally wonderful song You will remain in my heart.

Mother Roma

The last film we recommend on this list for the purpose of celebrating Mother’s Day is the 1962 film directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini and starring an unforgettable one. Anna Magnani. The story is about a woman, a former prostitute, who tries to do everything in her power to ensure her son Ettore (Ettore GarofaloA better future, away from the streets that can corrupt anyone. But Ettore, ignorant of his mother’s profession, does not realize the love that drives Mama Roma’s decisions and actually treats her as if she were an enemy, a stupid person who does not know how the world really works.

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When the protector Carmine pushed her (Franco City) Mama Roma is forced to return to the streets and become a prostitute, and Ettore returns to committing thefts after associating himself with a gang of petty criminals, until tragedy reaches this small family unit that seems cursed from the beginning of the story.

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