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Diesel in Rome at 1.2 euros. Here is the best to save

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price fuel It has reached an unprecedented level. Cost Gas It was already growing for months, but the war in Ukraine Take it to the stars. Strikes, protests, and government concerns are not enough to stop the escalation that threatens to continue unabated. But there is still a way to save. how? In addition to tips on how to drive and manage a car, there are apps that point out the cheapest distributors day in and day out and how to get there.

Most downloaded app

The most downloaded is called Petrol Prices and it can be installed on iOS and Android. Easy to use, once you select the location and fuel type, it provides you with a list (updated in real time) of distributors from cheapest to most expensive. Today, March 11, the Eni gas station in Via Molfetta in Rome has gasoline at the price of 1879 euros per liter. And you can even find distributors – again from Eni – where diesel costs 1.2 euros per liter. One is located in Viale Junio, the other on Via Tor San Giovanni. In Milan, the diesel price at Esso in via Novara was 1,279 euros, while the cheaper petrol was 2,004 euros and it was located in Via Lorenteggio.

Other fuel saving applications

The second application in order of download is called “iCarburante”. Once downloaded and logged in, you must allow the functionality to be discovered (a practice that must be done with all applications). The use is very intuitive, but in order to use all the services a one-time payment of 1.99 is required. Then there is “Petrol” which requires registration – not mandatory – to access the service. You can choose the preferred fuel type and mileage after which no distributors should be reported. Also worth noting are “Jaspal”, “Save on Prices” and “Il Pino”.

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