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Years later, the reason for the flip was revealed

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Did you know that Grease 2 exists? The sequel was a failure but only with the death of Olivia Newton-John the reason was revealed: the plot

When Grease appeared in cinemas in 1978, its producers were acutely aware of the power of the sequel. Although the musical would become the highest-grossing film of the year, it was a huge box office hit in its opening weekend by Jaws 2. By that time, viewers were more accustomed to the blockbuster films that produced sequels, and Hollywood was counting on It has them.. to attract an audience already convinced of the originality. A few years ago, Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Part II—which won an Oscar for Best Picture—suggested that the sequels could even improve upon the original. Matching the success of the original is difficult for any sequel, especially a blockbuster like Grease, and especially when trying to do it without the power of co-stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, but with a new cast of more unknowns. .

Grease 2 was not just a failure, but a real failure. Despite the nearly double budget for the first film, the film barely recovered the costs. She was panned by critics, and apart from Michelle Pfeiffer, she didn’t expect anyone into stardom. It may have destroyed some functionality. However, in the nearly four decades since its release, Grease 2 has become a cult. It may have a 32% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and frequently appears on worst sequel lists – but it also has an army of fans willing to argue to the death, so why was it a flop? Because years later it was leaked in the American media that they had deliberately chosen not to push John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, albeit reticent, toward the sequel to reference Epic.

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2 . film grease piece

It’s September 1961, two years after the original Grease gang made their first year at Riddle High School in the first movie. The now-famous Mrs. Pink Ladies is led by Stephanie Zenon (Michelle Pfeiffer), who feels she has “gone over” her relationship with arrogant T-Birds leader, Johnny Nogerelli (Adrien Zemed) during summer vacation. A new arrival comes in the form of Michael Carrington (Maxwell Caulfield), a clean-looking English student cousin to Sandy Olson (the character played by Olivia Newton-John in the first Grease movie). Michael falls in love with Stephanie immediately, despite the gentle warning of the only hero left from the first movie, French (Diddy Cone), who will return to Rydell High to graduate, is informed of Michael’s arrival with a letter from Sandy and helps him adjust to the school atmosphere at Sandy’s request. Michael instantly likes Stephanie, but Frances tells him she won’t be dating him because he’s not a T-Bird.

At the local bowling alley, a competitive match (“Score Tonight”) escalated due to hatred between Johnny and Stephanie. Johnny flirts with Stephanie’s friend and classmate, Paulette Rybshak (Lorna Luft), only to make Stephanie jealous, who retaliates by kissing the first man to enter the door, Michael. Confused by this unexpected kiss, Michael tries to ask her out the next day in an audition for a school talent show, but discovers that she has a very specific vision of her ideal man (“Cool Rider”). He realizes that he will only be able to earn his affection if he turns into a great cyclist and starts saving a motorbike by selling completed assignments to T-Birds, who have academic difficulties. Michael buys and repairs a bike and spends all his free time after school learning to ride it.

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At school, a few days later, there is an unusual and highly interactive biology class given by new alternative Mr. Stewart (Tab Hunter) on sex education. They chase him to a closed construction site that hides a somersault, and the rider’s absence suggests he’s dead below, leaving Stephanie unbearable to believe Cool Rider is dead, despite the T Birds and Pink Ladies trying to convince her that he must have survived, made the jump and would appear once. other. At the talent show, T-Birds tie contestants to their numbers in the boys’ locker room and soak them in the showers to secure a win. During the Pink Ladies number, Stephanie gets confused and stops singing by her side, and sinks to the stage floor. Ignoring the audience, he enters a dreamlike fantasy world where he meets his mysterious motorbike in a kind of “cyclist’s paradise” against a backdrop “([Love Will Turn] the return of the hands of time).” When his fantasies come to an end, he appears to have sung solo; she was duly named the winner of the competition and crowned queen, with Johnny acclaimed as king.

The school year ends with the next day’s party (“Rock-A-Hula Luau”), where Johnny and Stephanie fight again as they are taken to the pool on a floating throne. The rival band suddenly appears and begins to destroy the party, but is stopped by the appearance of Cool Rider, much to the surprise of Stephanie. After defeating them and climbing into the pool with his bike, he reveals himself to all present as Michael. After the initial shock, Johnny presented him with a T-Bird jacket and welcomed him into the gang, while Stephanie finally agreed to get “two for the price of one”: Cool Rider and Shakespeare. All the couples (Michael/Stephanie, Johnny/Bullet, Louis/Sharon, Davy/Dolores and Rhonda/Gus) happily mate after graduation, while the class of 1962 sings “We’ll Be Together.” The credits start pouring in, and just like in the first movie, they have yearbook style.

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