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Hot Wheels, ray tracing is announced in a trailer, but it is absent in the gameplay –

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In the latest video analysis dedicated to Forza Horizon 5: Hot WheelsDigital Foundry experts point out that the final version of the DLC is missing a Ray tracing of reflections During the races despite being Appeared in the first official trailer Shown by Microsoft and Playground Games during the Xbox demo.

At about 9:30 in the video above, the Digital Foundry editorial team explains that by carefully analyzing the advertisement trailer for the Hot Wheel DLC, you can see the presence of ray tracing of the reflections. On the contrary, in the final tested design, this option is not available for play but only outside of racing.

This is a detail that many did not notice, but it was still in an official video. Alex Battaglia of the Digital Foundry also spoke about this issue on the forums ResetWhere he was known as the “dictator”, saying: “Certainly It is not fair to advertise The game is this way.

Tech enthusiasts also explain that in-game ray tracing is absent for both the Xbox and PC versions of Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels. But for the last platform it is possible Activate it via Edit (which, however, usually “breaks” when each new patch is released), leading Digital Foundry to wonder why PlayGround Games hasn’t officially made this option available to PC users.

Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels has been available since July 19. On the pages you will find our review of the DLC.

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