Home Top News The Pope confirmed the trip to Canada at the end of July. Show

The Pope confirmed the trip to Canada at the end of July. Show

The Pope confirmed the trip to Canada at the end of July.  Show

On April 1, 2022, Pope Francis visited a delegation of angry people in Canada.

Pope Francis receives angry delegation from Canada on April 1, 2022 – Vatican Media

The Holy See Press Office this afternoon released plans for the trip, which has already been announced as Pope Francis will travel to Canada from July 24 to 30. The three stages of the visit – Edmonton, Quebec and Iqaluit – were particularly focused on meetings with indigenous communities following the church-run residential school drama of young psychological victims of severe psychological, physical and identity abuse. In all, the pope will deliver nine speeches during his six days in North America.

The Pope’s trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan, scheduled for early July, is scheduled to depart by air from Rome-Fumicino at 9.00am on Sunday, July 24 – the plan announced just days after it was canceled due to knee pain. Arrive in Edmonton, the capital of the Western Province of Alberta at 11.20am local time and receive an official welcome at the International Airport. On Monday, July 25, the Pope will meet with the indigenous people in Mosques, and then at 4.45 pm in the Holy Heart Church in Edmonton with the indigenous people and members of the parish community.

On Tuesday, July 26, at 10.15am, he will celebrate Pope Worship at the “Commonwealth Stadium” in Edmonton, and at 17.00pm he will participate in the liturgy of the word “Lockstee Anne Pilgrimage” and the word “Lock”. Ste. Anne “.

On Wednesday, July 27, at 9.00 am, the Pope will fly from Edmonton to Quebec, the capital of the French-speaking province of the same name, arrive at the International Airport at 15.05, and a welcome ceremony at the Governor’s House at 3.40 pm. General, “Citadelle de Québec”. At 16.00, again in the “Citadelle de Québec”, a courtesy call on the Governor-General of Canada, Mary Simon, and a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are scheduled for 16.20. Also, at 4.45 pm, a meeting with civil officials, representatives of the tribal people and the embassy.

On Thursday, July 28, in Quebec, Mass will be celebrated at the National Church of St. Anne de Puebra at 10.00, and at 5.15 in the evening he will preside over the Vespers with bishops, priests, deacons, consecrated persons, seminaries and pastoral staff. Notre Dame Cathedral.

Therefore, the solemn final day of the journey is Friday, July 29, in Quebec, at 9.00 am, where the Pope will meet in person with members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith at the Archbishop’s House, and at 10.45 am, at the same place, he. Will meet with representatives of the tribal people. . The Pope will depart at 12.45pm and arrive in Icahloid, the capital of the northern Nunavut region, at 15.50am. This will be followed by a private meeting with the former boarding school students at the primary school at 4.15 pm, a meeting with the youth and seniors at the primary school square at 5.00 pm and a farewell ceremony at the Igloid Airport at 6.15 pm. , And depart by plane to Rome-Fumicino at 6.45pm, where the next day, Saturday 30 July, is scheduled to arrive at 7.50pm.


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