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Detective Pikachu, big news for the expected sequel to the movie. All the details

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The declared sequel to Pokemon – Detective Pikachuthe hit film that marks the franchise’s live-action debut important steps forward.

According to the latest updates, it can be said that the director’s search is practically over. Jonathan Kriselone of the creators of the popular TV series Portlandwill be in an advanced stage of negotiations for Complement directive From the 2019 blockbuster directed by Rob Letterman. Krisel also wrote and directed it basketballsFX series starring Zach Galifianakis.

While waiting to find out if Krisel will actually direct the film, it was confirmed that the script will be written by Chris Galletta. However, no news has yet surfaced on the cast front. Detective Pikachu introduced into its ranks Ryan ReynoldsAnd Ken WatanabeAnd Judge SmithAnd Catherine NewtonAnd Chris GearyAnd Omar ChaparroAnd Karan SoniAnd Suki Waterhouse And Rita now. While nothing has been confirmed yet, many insiders believe Reynolds himself is now sure to play a role in the sequel.

25 years after its debut, the media franchise can boast more than 440 million video games sold worldwide, tens of billions of Pokémon TCG cards sold and an animated series broadcast in 177 countries worldwide and lasting 25 seasons; All the achievements that have propelled Pokémon among the most successful entertainment properties of all time. the first cinematic iteration of the franchise, Pokemon – Detective Pikachudebuted in Italian theaters on May 9, 2019. The film achieved approx 433 million dollars Against a budget of about 150 million.

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Detective Pikachu 2 It is produced by Legendary Entertainment, The Pokémon Company, and Toho, and at the moment there is no official release date.

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