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Desire for an SUV: Here’s the car to buy (new) for less than 20,000 euros

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The wait is almost over, this SUV is highly appreciated all over the world in Italy but it has never arrived, until now.

It’s like a countdown that’s about to end and in this case the days that separate us at the bell seem to be passing by so slowly. Let’s face it, someone probably has no clue what we’re talking about and once the name of this car is revealed, the situation won’t change.

The SUV you’ve been waiting for –

Others have already understood or understood that the name will connect “all the pieces of the puzzle”. You have to be experts and enthusiasts of SUVs and crossovers to quickly understand this. On the other hand, for all the old people, there is no need to despair because this instrument is well known all over the world, with the exception of Italy, where it never reached. But now everything is about to change.

Haval arrives in Italy

Haval has ambitious goals, and plans to sell 2 million vehicles by 2023, aiming to become the world’s leading SUV manufacturer. So he thinks big, and to complete his project he plans to launch twenty new models, including an electric, hydrogen-powered compact.

The Brescia-based Eurasia Motor Company, which has also been importing Great Wall cars for years, has now brought the Haval brand to Italy. That is why things are about to change, and the first model to set foot on Italian soil will be the H2, an SUV that offers a really competitive purchase price. That is why many were waiting for her.

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Haval SUV H2 – Instagram photo

This model has recently experienced a restyling, the front has changed: a new grille, like the headlights and the hood, while in the rear area you can see the new bumper plate, the different lights and the tailgate with a higher chrome profile. It will also be possible to buy it in the LPG version, but it is approved as a monovalent vehicle, which means that the fuel tank can only hold 15 liters, which is the maximum allowed by law for monofuel cars. But whoever chooses this version will have tax breaks, such as a road tax rebate. And again: that’s why many were waiting for her.

Suv Haval H2: two versions: information and costs

There are also two trim levels: Easy and Premium. The first will have as standard a CD MP5 radio, a rear view camera, the Apple Car Play function and two front airbags. The second includes a panoramic electric sunroof and LED headlights. Car prices have risen by almost 5%, with the Easy version now costing €18,800 and the Premium version costing €20,900, both ready. The SUV is available through a network of 53 Italian dealers, with a warranty of 3 years or 100,000 km.

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