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Electric and petrol, everything we know about the new model –

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The date is set for 2024: “the new Throw Ypsilon will be completely different in content, design and technology ». This was confirmed by Luca Napolitano, CEO of Lancia since 2021, who is working with his team to revive the Italian brand (Stellantis Group). Three new models are expected over the next six years: the Ypsilon, the flagship and the new Delta. The new Ypsilon will change its geometry and can become a class B cross (about 4.1 meters long).

electricity or petrol

Electrification of all models is essential to their presence in the market today. Indeed, to see well The new Ypsilon, to be produced in Spain, will be Lancia’s first 100% electric car and the latest proposal also in a petrol version.. The multi-pay offer should be possible thanks to the use of the group’s eCmp platform, as it is, so to speak, the basis of Jeep AvengerAnd the Opel Mokka And the Peugeot 2008. The models that will follow will be pioneers in 2026 they can be called Flavia or Flaminia and in 2028 they introduce the new Lancia Delta, both of which offer only 100% electricity.

Collaboration with Cassina Interior Designs

On all Lancia models, starting with the Ypsilon, special attention will be paid to the interior. Simplicity and elegance are the guiding themes of the passenger compartment style, which the designers, led by Chief Design Officer Jean-Pierre Bleu, promise. For this reason, Lancia has announced a partnership with Cassina, the luxury fashion and furniture company founded in Meda in 1927. The two brands will be looking for They will present their first joint project at the upcoming Milan Design Week which will be held from 17 to 23 April 2023.. On this occasion we will see the first concrete products of their collaboration, and perhaps the concept car that will await the next Lancia Ypsilon.

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