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Denmark shocks Canada in the Hockey World Cup

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Denmark beat Canada in the Hockey World Cup.

The great nation was shocked by two goals in the first half and Denmark eventually won 3-2.

The Danes are now well placed to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Denmark is struggling to move from Group A to the Hockey World Cup and is doing everything in its power to make it happen.

Malmö defender Markus Lorissen gave Denmark the lead after nine minutes of play against Canada and then the Danes continued to impress.

“20 more years”

Canada had a chance to equalize when Morten Jensen sat in the penalty area but instead finished 2-0.

Denmark broke the ball and Fredrik Storm, striker Peter Regen, scored the 36-year-old’s second goal for Denmark in front of the penalty area.

It looks like Peter Regen was 20 again, says expert Håkan Södergren on TV10.

Canada looked poised for a comeback when Maxim Comtois entered the field early in the second half, but Denmark would hold out.

Denmark barked in Canada

The peel’s result was completed in the third inning when Matthias Bau Hansen scored 3-1 from close range and despite Ryan Greaves’ cutting, Denmark won 3-2.

Wild scenes of joy erupted in Denmark and the team beat Canada to climb to third in the standings. If Denmark scores points against Slovakia in the last group game on Tuesday, the team will advance to the quarter-finals.

Canada will face France in the group stage final and could miss the playoffs if they lose.

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