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Decision of the Israeli Supreme Court

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Tel Aviv: Let them go to war too. Led by nine yes, Consensus of the judges. It’s a ruling that changes many things: Israel’s Supreme Court confirms the temporary injunction issued three weeks ago, returns to mending rifts in Israeli politics, and pronounces a ruling that could also bring down Bibi Netanyahu’s government.

There is no longer any legal basis for “granting complete exemption from… Military service for religious students Religious schools,” says the Supreme Court. Even the Haredim will have to wear uniforms from now on, because The principle of equality is applied. For the Supreme Toga, an official law distinguishing between those who pray and those who fight, between Torah scholars and citizens normally enrolled in the army, has never been approved. For this reason, the judges ruled that Netanyahu’s government could no longer “provide financial support” – as is happening now – to those who avoid the war in Gaza simply because they are busy reading a book.

Half the country has been waiting for a sentence like this for years, and this is to illustrate its importance. For eight months, the streets have been crowded with protests against parties defending their privileges 67 thousand Orthodox youthThey are considered eligible for conscription, but are exempt by law from military service. “It is a historic victory,” say the leaders of the MQG, the movement that opposed the Orthodox rescue. “Now the government must implement the court’s decision without delay.” Just yesterday, Monday, it was approved to increase the days of service for reservists, excluding the Haredim as usual. But in recent days, Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, smelling the air and hearing the noise of the courtyards, warned: If conscription was imposed on us, our children would leave Israel Because “death is still better than a military uniform.”

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Now the political blow is strong: the extremist religious parties, which play a crucial role in keeping Bibi’s coalition afloat, will not be able to resist the pressure exerted by the religious schools. In the past, ultra-Orthodox parliamentarians in the Knesset have been called upon to leave the majority: in the midst of the war in Gaza, in light of the extremely hot front in Lebanon, It is also possible that a political crisis will arise With unexpected results.

Those criticizing the Supreme Court ruling point out that ultra-Orthodox Jews – who study the Torah in schools, neglecting subjects such as mathematics, English and science – are children who are woefully unprepared for the draft. Those who applaud point out that military service makes it possible to perform many roles appropriate for the upbringing of religious people. Moshe Gafni, the extremist lawmaker, despaired: “We expected this. The Supreme Court has never ruled in favor of religious schools. never! “Not one of these nine judges understands the value of the study of the Torah and its contribution to the Jewish people throughout history.” “Discrimination cannot continue,” they comment from Mqg, “and it is time to say it out loud: In this emergency, all Israeli citizens are equal.” Perhaps it is The clash between sectarian Israel and secular Israel, which has been brewing for years, has reached a turning point.

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