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Death Stranding on PC Game Pass, official release date announced by Microsoft –

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As it is widely understood these days, death strand will really come PC gaming arcadewith the release day Announced today live by Microsoft through Xbox Wire: will be available in the catalog starting August 23, 2022.

Game Hideo Kojima He’s been the protagonist of a string of rumors about it, as the official PC Game Pass Twitter account has continued to change the profile picture with scenes that appear to have been taken from Death Stranding, but today the official confirmation has arrived live via Microsoft channels, just as Tom Henderson predicted yesterday.

So Death Stranding will arrive in the PC Game Pass catalog from August 23, 2022 or next Tuesday.

This significantly enriches Game Pass’s August 2022 offering, considering that the game did not appear in the second-half games of the month that Microsoft announced a few days ago, which included several Bethesda titles that were included in the catalog at the occasion QuakeCon should also be added. 2022 is currently in progress.

So Death Stranding can be downloaded and played for free by subscribers of PC Game Pass, which we remember is included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The PC Game Pass version of Death Stranding also includes some EXCLUSIVE ITEMS Unlockable in game:

  • Chiral Gold / Omnireflector “Ludens Mask” sunglasses (color changing)
  • Gold and silver power structure
  • All-terrain gold and silver skeleton
  • Gold and silver shield plate

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