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Deadpool 3: ‘Important’ movie status updates from official Twitter | Cinema

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We don’t know much about it yet Deadpool 3the new chapter in the cinematic adventures of Chiacchierone Mercenary that he played Ryan Reynolds.

In March, we learned that the movie was directed by Shawn Levythe director with whom Ryan Reynolds actually collaborated, successfully, gave life twice free man And Adam’s Project.

Now, the official Twitter profile of Deadpool 3 gives us “Important update“In the movie. The quotes are due to the fact that, as usual, since we’re talking about an institutional profile as much as we’re talking about TrolonThis is a ridiculous update.

In the text accompanying the image of Saint Peter, The “most useless” character of X-Force In Deadpool 2, we can read that for the third movie, the brand integration initiatives have been completed. Missing story, characters and script!

In fact, if you look closely, the image also shows the brands of companies that Ryan Reynolds is directly involved in such as flight ginWrexham AFC football (owns English football team Reynolds along with Rob McElhenney), Maximum Effort (star communications agency), and Mint Mobile, the actor’s mobile phone brand.

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