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I am against you movie

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Me Against You The Film – Jungle Mission, this is the cinema’s fourth movie title starring two famous YouTubers Luì and Sofi, or Luigi Calagna and Sofia Scalia. The movie Me vs. You’re new in theaters January 19, 2023, meanwhile, here’s the official teaser trailer.

submitted by I’m against you On their YouTube channel the joke Trailer from their fourth movieAnd the Me Against You – Jungle Mission . movieAnd the In cinemas from January 19, 2023 Warner Bros. Distribution. Pictures. After the resounding success of the first three feature films, the film was once again directed by Gianluca Luzzi, He and Sofì see him as heroes of an unprecedented and exciting new adventure: This time on a mission in the woods. With their friends and rivals of all time but also very cute new characters … and an unexpected enemy!

Me Against You – Jungle Mission: Official plot and movie poster

After adventures in ancient Egypt, Luì and Sofì wish to rest, but a new threat looms on Earth. A magical source hidden in the forest holds the key to undoing all the spells in the world, but if polluted, it can turn the land into a barren and lifeless desert. Viperiana finds out and with the help of her faithful servant Serpe has already begun to mix witch potions in the source that make the water purple; It will only take a few days for everything to be irreversibly poisoned. A battle against time begins for Luì and Sofì who with assistant Pongo and accompanied by mentor Serenino and Tara, daughter of the chieftain of the Pesantosi tribe, will have to decipher the map that will lead them to the magical source and thwart the diabolical plan of Viperiana. But they must be careful, because among them is an unexpected enemy!

Me Against You – Jungle Mission . movieWarner Bros., Inc. Entertainment Italia, Colorado Film Production, and Me Contro Te.
The movie will be released In Italian cinemas by Warner Bros. photo From January 19, 2023.

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