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Dead Lance Reddick, the star of film, television, and many video games

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Unfortunately, we have to deliver shocking news every now and then, such as Lance Reddick has disappeared at the age of 60he says tmz extension.

Lance Reddick’s career has been quite prolific, from television to film John Wick And the wirethrough many video games such as Quantum Break, Horizon Zero Dawn And Saucepan.

just for sake John Wick 4 The actor has been on promotional tours around the world, and the news of his sudden disappearance was the proverbial thunderbolt from the sky. So much so that, among his many commitments, the actor had too She hosted one on The Kelly Clarkson Show scheduled for this week.

As reported by sources tmz extensionaka law enforcement, the body of Lance Reddick was discovered in his Studio City home on Friday morning Around 9:30 (US time). The cause of death is currently unclear, but law enforcement officials say it may have been natural.

Lance had just posted the selfie to social media on Wednesday morning, while He was home with his dogs instead of a movie premiere John Wick 4 in New York City. On this occasion, Riddick hasn’t hinted at why he wasn’t involved, which is why it’s impossible to understand if he was somehow connected to his departure.

Needless to say, Lance Reddick’s death can’t help but leave you in shock, as much as his face was ever present in his most iconic works.

In addition to the aforementioned productions, Reddick has appeared on marginAnd BushAnd ounce And Lost. Unfortunately, we also have to remember him for the disaster vampire from Netflix Who, being a mediocre producer, was fortunate enough to enjoy the talent of such an actor.

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editorial board Fully wants to join the condolences of Lance Riddick’s family and all his loved ones, in the disappearance of the giant who, by his explanations, is Someone we will never forget.

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