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Star Wars, the new movie with Daisy Ridley will start shooting in April 2024?

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the resume affiliate The new Star Wars movie championship Daisy Ridley They’ll launch in April 2024, according to journalist and insider Jeff Schneider, a source considered quite reliable regarding the Disney production.

As you know, Disney has delayed a lot of Marvel, Star Wars, and Avatar movies because of Book strike, which causes a lot of trouble for the American film and television industry. Well, even the new movie with Ridley remained involved, with the exit moved to May 2026.

“You’ve said in the past that Disney will ask Kathleen Kennedy to produce the next Star Wars movie, right? And if there’s no project coming out in December 2026, the president of Lucasfilm will be relieved of the obligations,” Schneider said.

In that case, there wouldn’t be a Star Wars movie by then, but only because Disney pushed it back to May 2026, Avatar 3 asking for more time. (…) The company couldn’t have had both Star Wars and Avatar hits theaters in December 2025, so they’ve pushed the second showing to May 2026, but filming will continue into April 2024.”

According to information revealed so far, the Star Wars movie with Daisy Ridley is directed by Charmaine Obaid-Chinoy (Ms. Marvel) and written by Stephen Knight (Peaky Blinders), and will see a young Jedi co-create the film. new request.

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