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“Cut it straight on TV as a warning”

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she has killing A girl is guilty of refusing him. Now working for spoon subordinate the killer It can be broadcast live on TV. Mohamed AdelHe was 21 years old Sentenced to death After being believed to have murdered his college classmate, he is brutally stabbed in the Egypt. The court appealed to Egyptian lawmakers to broadcast the execution live on television with the intent of “discouraging people from committing a similar crime.”

Echo, the youngest serial killer in the world: at the age of eight he killed three children. Now he’s on the run: “Sadist delights in the rhythm of pain.”

Court letter

The court wrote in the letter: “The transmission, even if only in part of the commencement of the procedure, can achieve the objective of deterrence, which was not achieved by the transmission of the judgment itself.”

Murder and judgment

On June 20, Adel was killed Naira Ashraf As he got off a bus outside Mansoura University, where they both studied in northern Egypt. The killer punched her repeatedly in the head, and Nayra also repeatedly stabbed her. the judge Bahaa El Din El Marri He asserted, issuing the verdict: “The court declares that it cannot find mercy for one who has not shown mercy. Perhaps his death serves others as an example.” Adel’s legal team is now moving to stop the death penalty.

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