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Direct war in Ukraine – Putin: “Threats? We will respond with hitherto unused means.” In Orekhiv “Two American volunteers were wounded in Kyiv”

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Lita: “Draghi is clear with Biden, the European Union is the leader in this crisis”

“I think that a Biden, Italy and European countries They should say: We’re doing our part, sanctions, but we’re going this way. We cannot imagine that this road will see the Europeans withdraw.” This is what the Secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, said in Porta a Porta. “When Draghi goes to the United States It should be very clear Likewise with the Americans: There is guidance and leadership in Europe in this crisis.

Di Maio: “Paying gas in rubles is against the contract”

‘Russian demand for Paying for gas in rubles is a violation of the contract. We will make a decision at the European level, but our contracts provide for payment in euros and we want to pay in euros.” The Foreign Minister said that Luigi Di Maio in Strasbourg.

Ukrainian Defense Minister: “Tough weeks ahead”

Ukraine was waiting for “very difficult weeks”. This was stated by his defense minister. Oleksig Reznikov.

EU, Extraordinary Meeting of Energy Ministers on May 2

The extraordinary meeting of European energy ministers Today, at the invitation of the European Commission, the current French presidency of the European Union will take place Monday 2 May Starting at 3 pm and can be learned in Brussels.

Moscow protests: “Russian helicopters sent by America to Kyiv”

Moscow protests against dispatch American in Ukraine helicopters from Russian industry And soviet Bought in Russia by the Pentagon in 2011 to use in Afghanistan. The contract stipulated that “the helicopters must be transported to Afghan forces And they can’t be Re-exported Not in a third country,” reads a statement of the Russian Federal Service for Technical and Military Cooperation, issued by Interfax.

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London is considering sending military planes to allied countries in Eastern Europe

there Great Britain Do not rule out the possibility of sending you military aircraft Allied countries in Eastern Europe to allow them to “shoot” some of their fighters Soviet made Kyiv forces committed to confront the Russian invasion. Spokesman Downing StAccordingly there are also among the possible options exercise from Ukrainian pilots from London. Then the initiative crashed between United State And Polandwhere is supplied F-16 USA to Warsaw He will send his own MiG 29 for the Ukrainians.

Di Maio: “The gas supply continues on a regular basis”

“To date all those who are supplies from Gas From Russia to Italy to continue moving forward RegularlyThe foreign minister says so Luigi Di Maio Talk to journalists in Strasbourg.

Ukrainian Ambassador in Berlin: We do not need tanks without ammunition

“if it was Ammo subordinate Gibbard It will not be bought by the German Ministry of Defense in the next few days, perhaps Ukraine will have to waiver for this show BerlinThe Ukrainian ambassador to Germany said, Andrej Melnikregarding the dispatch of Berlin 50 self-propelled Gepard anti-aircraft guns.

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