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10 dead and 200 drunk in Jordan

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The balance of the poison gas leak that happened today is at least 10 dead and 200 drunk Aqaba, the port city Jordan. According to some videos posted on social media, the gases – which are yellow in color – were to be released from a tanker next to a quayside in the port. According to media reports by local authorities, a chemical storage container fell during transportation due to a crane malfunction.

Jordan, toxic gas leak at port: at least 10 dead and 200 drunk

The video circulated on social media shows the crane picking up the container from a truck and then dropping it onto a moored vessel. Then the boat and port are surrounded by a cloud of bright yellow gas, forcing people to flee in search of safety. The Civil Protection Department sent teams of specialists to the port to take care of the cleaning work. It was not revealed what toxic chemicals inside the container.

Reportedly, about 200 people have been admitted to local hospitals for exposure to the substance, while the other infected have left. However, at least ten people have died.

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