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Curling, historic win for Trentino Sempra at Grand Slam in Canada – OA Sport

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Trentino Curling Cembra won the WFG Masters, the prestigious appointment of Grand Slam Curling, on an Italian night.. Our guys have established themselves in all seven tournaments held annually in Canada.

Joel Returnas, Amos Mosner, Sebastiano Arman and Mattia Giovanella presented a program. Trentino Curling Sempra is officially the first Italian team and fourth non-Canadian team to win a Grand Slam trophy after Team Edin, the Swiss of Team de Cruz and the Scots of Team Mouwat.

The Italians beat the last formation of the Brits who excelled at last season’s WGF Masters.. The latter have historically been rivals of the Italians, and indeed we remember their recent elimination in the semi-finals at the recent European Championships in Sweden.

‘Maurizio Says…’: Historic curling, but Amos Mosner wasted not skipping

Italy therefore completes an unprecedented feat in an event featuring the top 16 teams in the international rankings. Bell Bice now looks to her next responsibilities, determined to cement herself at the top of global curling.

Photo: WCF/Céline Stucki

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