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Now you can take telepass for free, play it and do it

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For those who travel a lot on the highway, the Telepass is an almost indispensable tool. Here’s how certain classes can get it for free

Free Telepass – Motori.News

Now that it’s a file Editorial Decree It also allowed freely to manage fees non stop Payment of fees. In the highway company The Unipol Corporation who will soon take over management fees.

Good news for those who go to the highway

For this the reason, Favor car and motorcycle drivers, The competition between the two competitor, It is to allow advantage on the part of everyone users. Because highway company Do not want to lose customers and at the same time Unipol Wants to get some.

there good news Today affects everyone motorcyclists who use the pass Every time you enter highway. For a while, this news has been up in the air, and now it’s official, we can connect all Offer detailswhich Telepass intended for those who use this Services. We consider it a file savings Not insignificant, given that with Economic crisis In place, the cost involved star fuelSave some money for some Basic.

Highway toll in Italy
Italy highway toll –

This discount, for those who own two wheeled vehicle, I started in a month July 2017and for those who intend to use it, it consists of a discount equal to 30 percent of the fee Pay, for the whole period highway network Italian. And now there is even a possibility do not pay Only the price.

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Telepass and Moto, how does the free tariff work

Telepass, in the current situation official presswanted to explain the details of the offer: “We are communicating with you that we have decided to reset, starting from April 19 The Subscription fee from device remote tollTelepass family For all motorcyclists of customers who have activated motorcycle discount For those who already have Telepass Pay or . offers Telepass Pay “X”, Or they will stick to it by the end of August 2022. Free fees “Telepass family” It will be recognized as long as the customer simultaneously retains ownership of the “Telepass Family”, with its activation motorcycle discount, One of the above offers Telepass Pay or Telepass Pay X.

Telepass sign
Telepass brand –

The motorcyclists Who already owns the device family dates Connected to your bike and activate it motorcycle discount, By committing to one of the above offers by next August, they will witness zero – as of the month following the sticking – Entry Fee “Telepass family”.

So we convey it – as agreed before Ministry of Infrastructure and transport with Iskat, LHighway Franchise Association – also renewed for 2022 30% off traffic fees on i Motorcycles Equipped with a device family dates On highway sections operated by franchisees participating in the initiative Discount on a motorbike. The motorcycle discount was introduced in July 2017, and it was already Renewed, On several occasions up to end of 2021. Then the extension and modification were formalized 30% discount rate So it will be valid until December 31, 2022″.

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