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Chris Pratt attacked on the Internet for praising his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger

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Chris attacked Pratt online after a post expressing his love and gratitude to his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, insensitive according to fans towards his ex-wife Anna Faris.

A new media issue about him is being discussed all over the world Chris Pratt. hero Guardians of the Galaxy Based on jurassic world (plus the following entry for Garfield In the new film taken from the tape), which, despite its cinematic merits, certainly does not sympathize with many fans, who have already targeted him in the past for his religious beliefs considered reactionary. received moderate criticism but also downright violent his position, which you see below, has been posted on instagram on wednesday, where Chris Pratt praised his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, the eldest daughter of Arnold, whom he married in 2019 and had a daughter, Laila. This is what Pratt writes next to the photo of them together:

Guys, seriously. See how he looks at me! I mean, find someone who looks at you that way!! Do you know? We met in church. She gave me a wonderful life, a beautiful and healthy daughter, who chews so hard that sometimes I have to put on earphones to dampen the noise, but that’s the love! In turn, from time to time I open a jar of cucumbers. This is the deal. His heart is pure and he is mine. It’s my greatest treasure on par with the top rookie Ken Grieve Jr. statue, which, if you understand me, means a lot. In about 6 weeks her birthday. So if I don’t take anything away from you, I will tell you to re-read this post. I love you my dear.

Criticism of Chris Pratt’s post

You could ask yourself: Well, maybe Pratt expressed his love for his wife in a rather boring way, but what’s wrong with that? The backlash came, however, for a very specific reason: Those who responded immediately pointed out Pratt The inaccuracy of this comment about the daughter is in excellent health. Before falling in love and marrying Katherine, Chris Pratt married his classmate from 2009 to 2018 Anna Faris, who gave him his son Jack in 2014. Well, the baby was born 7 months premature and spent a month in the incubator. In her autobiography, Faris recalls the horrific moments when she and Pratt were told that their son might suffer from a permanent disability due to a brain hemorrhage. We stop here, because on certain topics, even stars have a right to privacy.

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Among the comments on Pratt’s post, there are those who accuse him of a “passive-aggressive” attitude towards Anna Faris and those who protest as the father of a disabled child, who does not find the actor’s assertion of the healthy right to a girl. Still others have expressed symbiosis For Faris, thinking that the ex’s assertion at least bothered her. She also reconstructed her life by marrying a cinematographer Michael BarrettBut some wounds, as we know, remain.

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