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The protagonist of “Remember Me” is now a sexy icon… the image in underwear

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The protagonist of the romantic film “Remember Me”, in addition to being a real movie star, is also very popular on the Web …

Cover of the romantic movie Remember Me – Images from the web

remember me“is a film directed by Gabriel Moschino, in the dramatic / romantic genre, released in 2003: this cinematic masterpiece tells the pent-up aspirations and the complex and disappointing lives of family members. Julia wants to return to her old passion as an actress, despite thousands of persistent doubts and doubts. On the other hand. Her husband, Carlo, has found Alessia again: a former love with which she tries to start from scratch.

The protagonist, in addition to being very popular in the world of cinema and entertainment, is also very popular on social networks: we are talking about the amazing Nicoletta Consolo, also known as Nikoletta RomanovOh Romanov.

The talented actress delighted her fans with an amazing post on IG, where she was standing semi-naked on a sofa… Curious to see her?

Nikoletta Romanov, sans pants and low-angle view: Offer Guaranteed! – Pictures

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In this photo, Nicoletta is standing on a sofa, dressed only in a very sexy nightgown: her beauty is a feast for the eyes of the beholder!

The post was commented on by many well-known personalities, for example by TV presenter and former model Katrina Palivo, or actresses Tosca de Aquino NS Giada de Blanc.

In the photo, the gorgeous 42-year-old lowers her eyes, touches her hair and makes a serious and provocative expression: to resist her is impossible!

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Nikoletta Romanov
Actress Nikolaita Romanov – photo from Instagram

The post has been booming in likes and comments, among which we read for example: “Daughter of God”; “One of the most beautiful women in Italy then and today”; “No okay but beauty? Everything shut up!”; or “always the prettiest”.

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