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Cremonese U-15: Lorenzo Pio Marino and those three goals from a free kick

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The player scored a hat-trick on the last day: two goals from a free kick and one goal from a penalty kick.

A good match, played well by both teams, but it highlighted above all qualities and talent Lorenzo Pio MarinoMidfielder Creamonis under 15row 2007. “It was a difficult match, the opponent was strong, but we also had chances to win – commented the coach. Gianluca Timlin – Then Lorenzo took care of her, who, thanks to his quality, as well as strength of will and desire to never give up, allowed us to take home a good point. ”
For Marino, the goals with the U-15 side rise to four (he also scored a prestigious goal against Juventus with the U-16 side): a midfielder with superb technical skills, a captain, and a captain for his teammates.
The game starts well for Cremonese: from the left corner of the Marino zone, the free kick starts in the far corner that no one has touched and slides to the bottom corner. After that, the Genoese managed to equalize first, and then moved to two to one. But before the end of the first half, another free kick on the edge of the area: this time the center is more central, on the ball again Marino, who this time chose a path on the goalkeeper’s post that slides just below the crosshair.
Even in the second half, emotions are not lacking: Genoa go to two goals with a free kick and three minutes from the end, and Cremonese have a great chance of equalizing. Indeed, a penalty is awarded: and still immediately appears, Marino, the captain’s armband is on his arm, no fear: goal, the boy takes the ball home and gives a point to his team. “As a player, he is growing a lot, he not only has a great technical quality: he never gives up, he comes out of the cramps and after two minutes he is back on the pitch dragging his teammates. He has great motivation, we hope he can continue his mental and physical growth and play. “. Marino is a winger in the midfield who really likes to play with the ball between his feet: those who know him also emphasize his great leadership qualities, which are not so common in the class of 2007. And then, with a foot like this, Cremonese aims for success. It is an important weapon for the future.

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