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Covid Germany, today’s data: 76 thousand injuries, 357 dead. 4,000 people are in intensive care

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ROME, November 26, 2021 – “We need a huge one Reduce contact. And This is nowHead Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wielel, at a press conference with German Health Minister Jens Spahn. the situation covid in germany In fact it continues to deteriorate: after yesterday’s data, today there have been more than 76 thousand injuries (76.414) While the death toll rises 357 victims in the last 24 hours. We are ahead at the crossroadsAnd we have a choice – Wilt explained -: We can take the path that leads to chaos and to one bad ending. Or that eases the health system and may allow us to live Merry Christmas And that still allows a lot of people to celebrate Christmas.”

“The The situation is very tragic, as has not happened at any other moment since the beginning of the epidemic”, added Spahn, partnering with Wielel that “the number of contacts should be much less, and more restrictions are needed.” According to the owner of the Ministry of Health, the new wave of the Corona virus “Travels from the worst affected areas in South and inHe is From Germany to the West and North. Spahn also pointed to the fact that many programmable operations have begun to be postponed: “Currently in our country up to 100 patients in intensive care must be transferred” from one region in Germany to another and Wieler is updating the number of Intensive care places occupied: “I’m finished 4000“Hence the dramatic appeal: in light of the 100,000 deaths from the pandemic and more than 70,000 infections a day,” what has not yet happened – Willell wondered – to persuade them to introduce all available measures to stop this Fourth wave? “.

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In this picture we add the South African boom. “We are very concerned and hope it will spread This alternative It can be limited,” explained Robert Koch Istitut, president of the Robert Koch Istitut, about B.1.1.529. For us – specify – it is not known that this alternative actually exists in Europe. ” 80 sequences of this alternative.

The old serum is still on the market. What about the update?

We don’t want to allow Bergamo here in Saxony” Saxon Governor Michael Kretschmer, speaking last night in an online discussion about the Covid emergency in Germany. In the central eastern lands, data on the incidence of infection are particularly high, with a peak in some areas of more than 3,000 infections per 100,000 population in seven days. “If we see next week at this time that the development of the epidemic is proceeding at the same pace, we will have to discuss together what is still necessary to prevent the occurrence of Bergamo in Saxony,” Kretschmer said, referring to the tragic situation that occurred in the city of Lombard during the first wave of the Corona virus.

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Super Green Pass: How to get it. Expirations, Limitations and Checks

Belgium and the Netherlands

new pressure Fighting covid in belgium: From tomorrow, for three weeks, discos will be closed. The shutters have been lowered in Restaurants at 11 pm, a maximum of six people per table. There are no private parties except for weddings and no restrictions even on funerals. Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo announced the measures at the end of another standoff with the Consultation Committee. “I know it’s very difficult and it’s a huge disappointment,” he admitted. De Croo lamented, “The number of beds in intensive care has doubled in one week. The red line has been crossed and this is very worrying.” Who added: “Fortunately we have vaccines. Fortunately, nine out of ten adults have been vaccinated. If we had not had the vaccine the situation would have been even more tragic. But despite this, the health situation is not sustainable. We see that the general ward doctors are completely exhausted. And this pressure intensive care De Croo explained that the current situation is worse than the most alarming scenario presented by experts, and added: “Our mission is very clear: We must take measures to reduce the pressure on health care.” He explained that “the Coordination Committee decided to work on three axes: vaccination, structural measures to reduce pressure on hospitals, and a series of measures to limit the transmission of the virus.”

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Europe is once again the global epicenter of the pandemic, and the delta variant has reduced the effectiveness of vaccines to 40%, according to the World Health Organization. In the wake of tightening Restrictions in France And among the 100,000 dead in Germany, the Netherlands is also preparing to make tough decisions. A press conference is scheduled for tonight with the Prime Minister Mark RutteWhich could announce the closure of bars and restaurants in the afternoon instead of the evening and tighten the bans on the unvaccinated. The Netherlands has more than 22,000 new cases per day.

Czech Republic

New record of infection in Czech Republic: There have been 27,717 in the past 24 hours, and that number has not occurred since the beginning of the pandemic. Yesterday the chief Milos Zeman He was hospitalized again a few hours after he was discharged because he tested positive for coronavirus. And his spokesman, Jerry Oveczyk, specified that “his program will be suspended while he is undergoing treatment for Covid.” So Zeeman will not appoint a new prime minister today, as expected.

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