November 29, 2023

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Ukraine, Zelensky criticizes the top management of the Cyber ​​Defense Agency for corruption

Ukraine, Zelensky criticizes the top management of the Cyber ​​Defense Agency for corruption

Another crackdown among Volodymyr Zelensky loyalists. The two heads of Ukraine’s Cyber ​​Defense Agency have been dismissed on corruption charges: Yuri Shehul, Director of the State Service for Protection of Communications and Private Information, and his deputy Viktor Zhora.

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Meanwhile, the Ukrainian army said it had repelled dozens of Russian attacks along the nearly 1,000-kilometre front, with fierce battles continuing, especially around the eastern cities of Marinka and Avdiivka. The General Staff in Kiev recorded 46 Russian attacks that occurred yesterday. The report said that all engagements on the battlefield were repelled. The focal points were Marinka, where 16 Russian attacks occurred, and Avdiivka, where 12 attacks occurred. Both are located near the Russian-controlled city of Donetsk, the largest city in Donbass. International observers such as the Institute for the Study of War in the United States confirmed that there was heavy fighting around Avdiivka. Russian forces have been trying to besiege the Ukrainian defenders of the city for weeks. According to the British Ministry of Defence, the current rainy autumn weather is making fighting difficult for both sides.

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