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Covid, ex-minister Esperanza is now the target of the right: ‘I followed the flag, I go out with my head held high’

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Rome – He sacrificed everything: sleep, dreams, black hair. “We never slept, always alert – captivating one day – day and night.” The Covid hunt has dried up. And now they put a target on him and began to shoot, although he decided not to respond and not to speak officially. We don’t blame him for mistakes, or getting lost, or late, but for saying that he denied science, closed Italy unnecessarily, and assaulted liberties. To nail this season to special commissionThis is correct Sensitive to No Vax He wants, demands, imposes. “I’ve always decided by listening to the science – it always repeats, Speranza will always repeat – let’s go with our heads held high for all we’ve done.”

Half of Europe has followed our strategies.

Of the two European health ministers, only two survived the hurricane that claimed millions of lives and expanded the world: Roberto Speranza The Maltese Minister. During the same period, France burned four, Great Britain three, Germany and Spain stopped at two. Now that the boat looks like it’s coming out of the waves, the Right’s vengeance roars. They are the same people who did not want to close, so yes, but now it will never be repeated: “Instead – as the ex-minister now claims every time he appears on TV – half of Europe followed our strategies”. They are the same people who demanded vaccinations and then defied their obligation to get a job. Who was indignant for more than a few reasons for the extreme delays – “Where are the masks?” – Then they decided to treat them as if they were masks, and therefore they are canceled even in hospitals and RSAs, where, however, they still continue to save a very fragile existence. “We’ve struggled day and night trying to save lives – that has always been Speranza’s logic, even on the campaign trail, it certainly doesn’t change today – while a certain right has raised No Vax yards against the green lane.”

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History cannot be rewritten.

speak for the first time in the room in the room, Georgia Meloni He mentioned everything and everyone. Even Steve Jobs, too fascism (A topic he definitely does not like, or rather: he does not like to talk about). But no vaccines, no male, not even half a syllable. It is not enough that those compounds have brought life back to a frozen society, and reduced fear: not even the shadow of that scientific miracle. “But history cannot be rewritten – Speranza said to his roommates who have embraced him in recent days – and certainly we want to defend that history.”

Listening to the science has always been the key to making difficult, very difficult, and sometimes impossible, choices. But in any case, it must be defended because the method is correct, while the rest is a leap in the dark: who had to face such a widespread, rapid, and unknown global epidemic in contemporary times? And who was forced to isolate small municipalities, then major cities and regions, and finally countries and continents? Even CTS, the contested scientific technical committee, is then part of that history that Speranza certainly doesn’t deny, in fact, it’s “head held high” claims.

“I just want to watch the Roma game with my son”

However, he does not intend to speak. Get into the argument. Not right away, though. It cannot fuel an opposition it considers deviant: does it make sense to oppose and legitimize anti-science positions? If anything, he wants to serve as deputy commanding officer Article oneThey practice politics after two and a half years under water. To tell the truth, he doesn’t even want to watch the TV series This Is England, Boris Johnson’s series and its disasters in the first phase of Covid. He also spoke about Italy, how it became a measure of the epidemic, and how he advised caution so as not to sacrifice many lives. “Now I just want a beer with a friend and a game of Rome with my son.”

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