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The next console may not be the Switch 2 or ‘Pro’ model, according to Jeff Grubb –

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According to journalist and insider Jeff Grubb, the Next Nintendo It may not turn out to be a “Switch 2,” a direct successor, or a simple “Pro” model with improved hardware, but rather “transitional model” Which will allow Kyoto to extend the life cycle of its console, which is still recording excellent sales figures.

Grubb’s remarks come from the latest Kinda Funny Games podcast on Twitch, which you can listen to via the streamer below. In his opinion, the next console could neither be a direct successor to the Switch nor a model that would offer significantly better performance or would be limited to only this aspect.

Grubb instead talks about some kind of “super switch”, a console that aims to continue the generation as it did in the past by the Game Boy Color. The reason would be to take advantage of the Switch’s excellent market position, both in terms of the installed base and the amount of copies sold, as well as Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

“They have Nintendo Switch Online, they have a lot of subscribers, a lot of people who are spending money to buy games and they don’t want to interrupt or lose that momentum and they don’t want to start from scratch” with the console.

A few days ago, Grubb also announced that Nintendo’s next console will be introduced during 2023 and that there will also be a “45% chance” that it will launch within this year.

Obviously, these are rumors and speculations without official confirmation, so they should be taken seriously. Grubb has gotten many tips and predictions right in the past, but he’s also got it wrong, so it’s not a 100 percent reliable source.

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