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Cop26, petition to the UN by Greta and activists: “Declare a warming ‘systemic climate emergency’. It’s like Covid”

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while the Draft Final Document, While waiting to pass the government exam, the appointments policeman 26 Which will be focused on today Transportation. But to open today is a new call I launched Greta Thunberg And other young climate activists who sent one out legal petition To the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, who was asked to officially declare the problem of global warming “public climate emergency”.

To give news of the latest initiative of the demonstrators since the beginning of the summit Glasgow Continue to protest and send messages to the greats of the planet Kan guardian who was able to view the document prepared by the group which in the Scottish city saw the participation of tens of thousands of activists who had come together to attack global policies on climate, “bla bla bla” Of the leaders criticized the work of the conference, and considered bankruptcy.

Among the 14 original promoters of the petition, in addition to Greta Thunberg, activists in the fight against climate change from all continents, such as Ranton Engine NS Let me Capua, from the Marshall Islands (which are at risk of inundation), Redema Pandey (India), Villasnor Alexandria (use and They build the plains (South Africa). Activists are asking the Secretary-General and other UN agencies to “initiate a general UN response to the emergency.” and to do so in terms of “global climate action” at all levels, calling for similar coordinated action in response to corona virus disease pandemic: “The climate emergency, which threatens every person on the planet for the foreseeable future, is no less dangerous than the global pandemic. That is why it requires similar urgent international action,” they explain.

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In the meantime, today in Glasgow we will be discussing transport and the focus will be on private transport and the route to take to get to Zero emissions in the shortest possible time. But we will also discuss how decarbonized Sectors where it is difficult to reduce emissions, such as those Nautical And that airport. In this regard, the Clydebank ad To make or to invent decarbonized methods Who in Porte, Minter my representatives car manufacturers Will discuss the commitment to produce only zero-emissions cars by 2040. The International Climate Aviation Ambition Coalition By a group of countries that want to take a path to decarbonize the aviation sector. Finally, the issue of emission reduction in Heavy road transport.

british prime minister, Boris JohnsonAnd in the morning he returned to the appeal to try to “snatch” the goal on global warming no later than 1.5 degree ceiling More than a pre-industrial era. He said negotiators are “on the last few metres, the hardest”, trying “to turn promises into action on climate change. But there is still a lot to do.”

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