Home World Continuous Attack: Open Arms puts another ship at sea

Continuous Attack: Open Arms puts another ship at sea

Continuous Attack: Open Arms puts another ship at sea

Another ship is preparing to touch the Italian coast with its cargo of migrants. Today she set sail from Barcelona on her maiden voyage open arms one, chosen as its pioneer by the NGO of the same name. The ship will arrive in the central Mediterranean in the next few hours and is very likely to place its first order for our country in the coming weeks. Its activity will be added to that of the ships of other NGOs, which in recent days have claimed port from Italy despite the fact that our country has been collapsing in the management of migrants who arrived independently at Lampedusa and at other points of contact in the south. Italia. Additional workloads are expected for Italy in the coming weeks, during which new arrivals are already expected due to improved sea conditions around Lampedusa and in the expanse crossed by barges and small boats.

In the next few days, you will arrive at the largest mass grave on the planet, the stretch of sea where our schooner Astral is already operating, on a mission of monitoring, aiding and reporting.“, according to data from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) last month more than 15,000 people It lies adrift in this stretch of sea. Most of these then arrived in Italy, mainly on NGO ships. Open Arms now operates in the Mediterranean with two ships, the NGO announces, “They will allow us to fulfill our commitment: to protect lives in conditions of vulnerability and to respect the obligation of any boat or person facing a life at risk at sea: to leave no life adrift. This is required by international maritime law and international conventions“.

The new ship has become one of the largest operating in the Mediterranean, with a cargo capacity of up to 350 people that can be extended up to Max 1,000. There will also be more crew members and a hospital with 26 beds, two of which are available for intensive care. A ship capable of moving on a large scale, and also able to reach coasts other than those in Italy. The Open Arms Uno, built in Norway in 2000, was loaned by the head of Solidaire, Argentine pilot and philanthropist Enrique Pineyro, who has collaborated with Open Arms for more than a year on humanitarian flights to address humanitarian crises. India, Mozambique, Ukraine, Afghanistan.


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