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Continental Cup in Valongo, A1 – OA Sport postponed in Bassano

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Sunday afternoon It all happened on the Italian and international hockey circuit, with two matches full of goals and pathos on the stage.

In the Continental Cup final, Ticeno had to bow to Valongo, who is able to win 1-2 On Venice at the end of a difficult match decided by the brilliant first half of the Portuguese, To score with Moreira and Abreu. In the second half, Trisino’s attempt to come back, by scoring with Bento, was futile But then unable to settle the dispute.

In a Sunday postponement of the first day of the A1 First Division, Bassano organized – At the end of a match he played in the first half – Sandrigo. After 3-2, Moglia and Cancella, who fired three heavy points for the Gilorossi, led the fate of the match.

Back on track Wednesday, at Serie A, to postpone 20.45 Folonica Montebello and Tricino Montecchio. Below is the Continental Cup Final scoreboard.

Final – Sunday 18 September 2022
15:00 – GS Hockey Trissino (Italy) x AD Valongo (Portugal) = 1-2
Tressino: Zamboli, Galpas, Coco, Mendes, Ebenazar – Malagoli, Pinto, Gavioli, Schiavo, Buffo – Coach: Bertolucci
Colchimica: Edu, Moreira, Silva F, Navarro, Bridge-Abro, Santos (midfield), Ramos, Moura, Bento – Coach: Almeida
Top scorers: First: 6’12” Moreira (fifth), 21’53” Abreu (fifth) – Second: 10’13” Pinto (T)
Penalties: 1:23’00” Navarro (2′) (V) and Malagoli (2′) (T)

Photo: Antonio Lopez

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