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Companies in which young people want to work, 2022 ranking

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Millennials (born in 1981 and 1996) prefer working in the world of technology and information technology. According to the opinion of the 16,453 people who participated in the research, millennials are completely united in considering IT services, consulting, and the technology sector the best to work in.

searching for Good place to work It is based on the responses of workers between the ages of 25 and 41 in 210 Italian companies. The questionnaire, in which they were asked to express an opinion about the relationship with management, relationships with colleagues, as well as pride in working in that particular company, focused on the employee. The main aspect that emerged from the responses is that young people between the ages of 25 and 41 prefer to work in places that are more attentive to their service. Psychological comfortin which it is possible to cover one’s role more lightly, in merit and moral truths.

The companies that young people want to work in are those where there is the possibility of working in a flexible way, with the possibility of smart work for example and in general where Going to work is not a burden. In fact, the companies that are in the ranking and in the first places are those where people are Happy to go to work.

2022 ranking of the best companies by millennials

Good place to work With the car numbering more than 16,000 employees, the Ranking of the best companies in which you work. The ranking is based on the answers of millennials (born in 1981 and 1996) but not only. In fact, the way it calculates which companies young people prefer or want to work for is based on 2/3 on responses from millennials and the remaining 1/3 on non-millennial employees.

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The comp Output from this research, in order of employee preference:

  • bending spoons;
  • Sidea group
  • Nebulab
  • reflects
  • American Express Italy
  • stories
  • skylabs
  • Webranking
  • Teleperformance Italy
  • Cliffie
  • onox
  • source
  • Cisco Systems Italy
  • Excel
  • Consulting
  • Casavo management
  • Mia platform
  • sting
  • Hermes Cyber ​​Security
  • A wide range

The companies in the ranking represent different sectors, but all within what we can define as “new services” including technology and information technology. Even the advertising and marketing service, or information in general such as media and Internet services, represent a sector in which young people want and prefer to work.

Where do young people want to work? Basic criteria

Young people between the ages of 25 to 41 years, from within the so-called generation y Or millennials, they prefer to work in technology, IT and information companies. Even if they are not digital natives, they have grown up with technology and see their future in it. These are the companies that pay the most attention to the demands of young people, from ethics to the environment to personal well-being.

One of the most important aspects that emerged from the research of more than 16,000 employees is precisely that Respect for mental health. The well-being offered by the relationship with management and colleagues is essential to living in a stress-free work environment. In this way young people willingly go to work, in dynamic and non-dynamic environments toxic. These are the characteristics favored by young people who have emerged along with the strong value of Flexibility And the existence of the smart work system as an integrated system in managing work shifts.

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