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Ztl change access blocking rules | These vehicles will be banned

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An old Fiat 500 –

New restrictions on access to historic centers. It’s bound to hit owners of some of Italy’s most popular car classes hard

funnel on Limited traffic areas in large Italian metropolitan areas. It is a period of great changes in terms of traffic restrictions in historical centers and various municipal departments are taking measures for this Extension of new restrictions For cars traded within Ztl. Panic among motorists is on the rise because of their presence Means are at risk of being disqualified.

With the emergence of increasingly stringent regulations on polluting emissions, such as the Euro 7 standard approved by the European Parliament, which will come into force as early as 2025, It’s time for the big cities to change course.

Despite attempts to restrict access to more and more vehicles in the historic centers of Italian capitals, one fact is certain: Sustainable mobility alternatives are not sustainable for consumers’ pockets. In this sense, the road towards electrification of cars is still arduous in Italy, with just over 171,000 battery-powered vehicles registered to date, according to data provided by Motus-e.

away from a zero-emissions future

Moreover, Italy represents a unique case in Europe, the only country that – instead of increasing – Electric vehicle sales decline. If we look at December 2022Registrations of all-electric vehicles fell 26.6% from the previous year, to just hit 4,526 units.

Given the stagnant situation of the zero-emission car market in Italy, what is most surprising are the decisions taken by some public administrations regarding restrictions on the circulation in historic centers of some categories of old vehicles.

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President of the Italian Automobile Club, Angelo Sticchi Damiani –

Stop Polluting Vehicles In Rome, ACI requests historic vehicles exemption

In this scenario, there has been a lot of discussion Decree of February 28 in Rome The mayor of the capital, Roberto Gualtieri, issued a decree to stop the circulation of some types of cars by banning the most polluting vehicles in the green belt (the largest in Europe). With the new city ordinance, you can access this entire mega-region, from now on Vehicles with petrol up to €2 or diesel up to €3 are prohibitedwill be punished Even historical vehicleswithout any distinction in value between cars left over from more than 20 years of history.

Hard counterattack ACI President, Angelo Stecchi Damianiwho stressed the importance of distinguishing between “historic vehicles” and “old vehicles” while proposing a protection list aimed at protecting the few vehicles of real historical interest and excluding 43% of old cars are worthless. The ACI Historic Protection List states that many vehicles do not have a collection interest and should not be allowed into restricted traffic areas.

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