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Di Canio: “Napoli is overwhelming, a football spot but Eintracht disappointed me: what’s the situation?”

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Di Canio: Napoli is overwhelming, a football spot but Eintracht disappointed me: what is the situation?

Former Napoli coach Gigi DicanioA guest on Canale21 commented on Napoli’s Champions League victory over Eintracht:

Napoli showed an overwhelming superiority, a huge disappointment for Eintracht: from the first minutes they dedicated themselves to the defensive phase in an embarrassing way for a team that reaches this international level. Later we saw the merits of Naples but there were no doubts. The most beautiful aspect for us Italians always accused of screwing up, today we are witnessing a commercial of beautiful football. A position with great freedom in entertainment. Eintracht under the tone? No, they chose a strategy that I didn’t agree with, I was so disappointed. I was disappointed in the tactical approach from the first minutes when the match was still in the balance. The team that plays at home at the international level reaches the round of 16: you play at the beginning of the first half from the first minutes. In my opinion, this is a false signal that you are giving to gamers. It really makes them feel inferior to the opponent because you tell them: you define that, you tag the other and in the end you just play according to the opponent. defined by the new Google service, if you want to be up to date with the latest news Follow us on Google News

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