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Commentator sacked during Turkey, Morocco – Canada: Hakan Sukur appointed

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The former footballer is Ergoğan’s sworn enemy. And whoever talks about it, pays.

Changed in between. Then sent home. This is not the fate of a soccer player at the World Cup, but the fate of a Turkish TV commentator who lost his job during the Morocco-Canada half-time, as reported by No technical errors, but an unforgivable diplomatic slip. Hakan said Sukur’s name on live television.

was fired

The hero of the story, Alper Bakircigil, quoted the former Inter center forward on Turkish television in relation to Morocco’s goal. Zyech was the quickest to score from kick-off. He scored after just 4′. A real achievement in the world championship. An event commemorating the record-breaking Turkish striker’s feat. President Erdogan’s sworn enemy Hakan is a journalistically flawless but unacceptable comparison in Turkey. The commentator noticed it too and was substituted in the second half. The man later reportedly reported through his account that he had been removed but the tweet had since been deleted.

the enemy

Astounds those who wonder. Hakan Sukur is an absolute legend of Galatasaray and the Turkish national team. He played 112 games there and scored 51 goals. In the 2002 World Cup he pulled his selection to third place, but his name fell by the wayside. It should never be talked about again because he ended his career and entered politics. He was a member of Erdogan’s party, however, he left the party two years later and became a key opponent of Turkey’s most powerful man. Turkish authorities have linked him to Gulen, who was accused by Erdogan of a bloody 2016 coup attempt. His last sighting was in California, where he started anew. From waiter to taxi driver, earn good salary.

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