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Comet Leonard will cause meteors to fall on Venus. Study » Science News

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The scenario described by Caltech researcher Qicheng Zhang.

the Comita Leonard Can cause a real one Meteor showers on VenusOnly these days, during the smallest orb’s closest approach to the planet. Only 50,000 kilometers will separate Venus from Leonard, a space equal to the orbital path of a satellite above our planet. But due to the thick cloud cover of Venus, it will be necessary to stay between 55 and 60 kilometers from the surface to observe the passage of the comet fragments. Paul Byrne, a planetary scientist at Washington University in St. Louis, explains in an interview with

Space: Comet Leonard will cause meteors to fall on Venus. I am studying

The scenario, described in research published by Caltech’s Qicheng Zhang on, suggests that meteor showers will occur as the planet crosses Leonard’s path, although this would only happen in the case of intense activity of the objects. In short, a scenario that is not entirely probable, but possible. Currently there is only one orbiter around Venus: the spacecraft Akatsuki Which can record the event. Zhang concluded that the orientation of the planet and the sun would make it impossible to see flashes of debris in contact with the atmosphere of Venus from our planet.


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