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Colleferro (Football, Excellence), Di Cori and the reopened market: “There may be some surprises…”

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Colleferro knocked out the minute away game with Arce with a point in his pocket. The Rossoneri had a 0-0 impact at the end of a well-balanced match, the Sports Director tells us Pino de Curie:In the first half we were masters of the field, constantly playing in the opposite half and building some important chances. In the second half we lost Amici due to a muscle problem and then also Mastrella, Arce shrugged off some fear and highlighted the quality of some of his players. Moreover, the opposing team has just changed their coach, relying on a coach like Verazzoli, so for us this point is a victory. For Colevero, it was a useful sixth straight result: we recently won at home and tied, maintaining a high average-ranking pace.” But that (with 17 points won in 11 days of the tournament) isn’t the only data the sporting director wants to emphasize. : “There was a confirmation among the publications of the 2004 class of Nicolas Ercoli who rigs very well and then a negative nine player. Objectives We are the best defense in Group C with the city of Anagni. All this in a very complex and rich collection of noble companies. Target? I’m still watching my back with caution too because to avoid the certainties of playing in this strange season, it will be necessary to get to at least seventh place, but there is a sense of being able to play well with everyone.”

Also for these reasons, Colleferro could seize some market opportunities from tomorrow, the day remittances reopen:There are likely to be some surprises… We are looking to improve this team: we must never forget that we are a newly promoted team and that almost all of our young players have made their debut in this category. We will also move to the near future because if this is the season of consolidation, we want to play a starring role in the intentions of the next company.” The news talks about the calendar that offers two consecutive home games: β€œOn Sunday we receive Etri which is a young and well-trained team, then we will host Frentino Which is currently second in the standings. We should be good at exploiting the charge of our audience – says de Curie – Despite the pandemic, there is a lot of enthusiasm with the 700-800 people at Caslini who push us during matches and with some of them who come to support us even during training. This is really comforting.”

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