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Telepass, you can never use it like this again: motorists at the station

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Telepass devices are very useful solutions to make access to national highway infrastructures smoother, while at the same time eliminating the human presence at toll booths. Unfortunately for users of this device, this can be bad news, let’s see together what it is

TelepassAnd the Registered trademark of Atlantia SpA The company that manages lItalian highway infrastructureis a motorway toll payment system using a fully automated electronic system, introduced in Italy in 1989 by Società Autostrade Concessioni e Costruzioni SpA

On an experimental basis, the Telepass was initially tested at some toll booths in the Calenzano-Sesto Fiorentino department and also in Florence. Due to the good performance obtained in these sections, its use was extended to all toll booths in the main Italian cities on the occasion of the World Cup, which was held in our country in 1990. Originally it was a service intended only for business customers but later it was expanded to include all individuals.

In April 2016, there were about 8 million telephone lines active and circulating throughout the national territory, with the number of crossings per day exceeding 2 million. At the moment, telepass has expanded the range of its services, and in fact it is also possible to pay for parking at some airports such as Naples Capodichino, Milan Malpensa, Linate, Pisa, Turin Castle, Rome Fiumicino, Bologna and Catania, Bologna Gallery, Hospital “Dell’Angelo” in Mestre and Milan ZTL.

Telepass users fines, in what cases?

Imagine a very typical situation in which we find ourselves completing a very long car journey, and to do so we obviously choose to use the motorway. We do not have a telepass, but we have an acquaintance or a friend who has it. We ask him very cunningly to lend it to us with a promise to pay it back on our return. On paper, there shouldn’t be any issues but are we really sure?

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In this case, in fact, it would be better to check the organization of the telepass to remove any doubts. On the other hand, we know very well that illegal use of highway infrastructure entails heavy penalties for those who violate the rules established by law and the Highway Act.

Indeed, in order to use the telepass correctly, it is necessary to register the license plate of your car which will therefore be inextricably linked to the device that will be provided to us. Also in case you have to “borrow” Already registered telepass is legitimate Traffic on the entire highway section will be charged to the bearer whether or not traveled to it.

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