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“Coalition government or majority case apart” –

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From Stefano Montefiore, reporter from Paris

The French President’s speech after the vote denied by the absolute majority in Parliament

“I think it is possible to find a larger and more visible majority for the business,” he says confidently. Emmanuel Macron. Three days After the election strike Which left him without an absolute majority in the National Assembly, the French president broke the silence and addressed his countrymen last night, at the beginning of the eight in the evening bulletin. Macron was calm and confident as alwaysalmost relishes the challenge of “collectively learning to govern and legislate in a different way, given that no political force today is capable of making laws on its own.”

Macron did not say the word defeat, nor the name of the Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne, It was named just a month ago and it’s really shaky. With his communicative mastery, which critics regard as arrogance, the President gave the impression that he did not suffer from the situation, but rather saw it as an interesting opportunity, consistent with his commitment:From the first day I tried to cross political barriersMacron said, referring to himself in 2017 as “right and left.” President a week ago The French asked for a “solid majority”. To avoid chaos. The French didn’t give him that, but he takes advantage of the bad situationHe praised the “compromise”.with complete transparency, a desire for unity and work for the homeland that affects all political forces.”

Today the President will be in Brussels for Council of the European Union After that, it will participate in the G7 and NATO summits. “When I return, it will be up to the political groups to say how far they are willing to go, with complete transparency.” Way to throw the ball into the opponent’s court: I’m ready to compromise, and you? I leave you a few days to think, upon my return I expect an answer. In fact, the president has already received some significant answers in the first hours after the vote, when Christian JacobSecretary of the right-wing Gaullist Republic party, He made it clear right away that he wasn’t interested To join the majority “because we don’t make a spare wheel for anyone.” Start 64 seats in the Républicains would be perfect Macron’s coalition is missing 44 The Gaullists are likely to be more open in the coming days. Macron then indicated that the government would soon present to the new National Assembly its proposals on defending purchasing power threatened by inflation and energy prices: a call to put aside intransigence in favor of citizens.

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