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Clothespins on air conditioning vents: the mega trick that will change your life

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Take a clip and use it like this on the air conditioning vents… (web)

There are many tricks that we can use in our cars. In fact, very often simple things that are so common that are in everyone’s homes can be used in unimaginable but very useful ways. You will definitely not like this method anymore and it is very easy to use, all you need is a simple clothespin….

The interiors of our cars, if used a lot and neglected from the point of view of hygiene, can become an actual landfill. In fact, anyone after a long car ride is sure to find their car littered with any kind of detritus. In short, constant cleaning of all internal parts is essential in any case.

There are certainly many products that we can use to improve the cleanliness inside the car. Some of these affordable products are definitely designed to be used on the materials of our car so as not to damage them and to effectively sanitize them.

However, this trick is completely free and will help you in an incredible way. All you need to recover is a simple clothespin. We will explain to you how to use it the right way….

Clothespins in the car, why?

On the Internet you will find any fancy way to clean your car. In many cases, these methods are just big hoaxes, and every now and then a little common sense protects us from the more stupid ideas we find around the web. However, this will definitely come in handy, we guarantee it.

All we have to do is restore a simple clothespin. Surely you will have one at home. Take it and go to the cockpit of your car. The clamp will help you deep clean the A/C vents which are often completely neglected when cleaning a car with all the consequences of the condition.

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The clip will help you a lot in deep cleaning your air conditioning ducts. (web

Simply by placing an absorbent cloth or scented towel over it, you can free the insides of the vents from all the residue that has built up over time. By removing them, you will definitely notice an improvement in air quality.

In fact, as you can imagine, dirt and dust build up inside the air conditioning ducts which in the long run can create unpleasant odors inside the car. This way you will effectively get rid of these residues, restoring cleanliness to the passenger compartment.

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