December 1, 2023

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Automated gas stations, thousands of motorists with empty credit cards I’m all legal, but you are left without money

Automated gas stations, thousands of motorists with empty credit cards I’m all legal, but you are left without money
Distribution – OK – (motorzoom)

Citizens are at risk these days: On the petrol and fuel front, the wind doesn’t blow so well. And not just for known price increases: there is significant risk in some forms of payment. any?

Like every year when Concerts to Easter Holiday, Like any self-respecting anniversary, motorists collectively decide to put themselves in it Let’s go: But watch out Gas and how to pay.

Not everyone is aware of one issue Which is to say the least thunderous It is unfortunately already done several times Verified Over the past few months, and that relates to distribution affiliate fuel.

If you’re thinking about price increases, that’s not the point: that, if anything, is also substantial and in some ways unsurpassable. obstacle to many Citizens That even if they wanted to do it, they couldn’t put themselves through it a trip.

If dear Gas He was “extended” e dilapidated the finance resource Of the many and poor economic “reserves” that would have allowed a classic outing, for those who succeeded, however, the risk and another.

Distributor Error: What Are You Risking?

Something serious and dangerous is happening to you distributors to fuel, With an increasing number of motorists Which is what happens screwed: By whom, and above all by what?

Gas stations – (Motorzoom)

The subject is the payment made in a very precise formula, ie not in monetary But, specifically, with paper to credit. Which, in some cases, comes literally Empty.

How could this be possible? It seems that all this is due to a mistake to System Which, in some distributors, you don’t receive what’s real amount from delivery Conversely, withdraw too much from the account.

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In some cases, it is much more than right. To be clear: there are those who put in petrol for 10 euros and see one charge zero In addition, one hundred euros. How could this be possible?

How to avoid card risks

Some systems entered ‘under’, Taking the phrase “Maximum Delivery Available” literally, which it is sometimes equals 100 euros, If not after. Accordingly, hence the harm.

Benz Motterzoom
Benz Motterzoom

Citizens who put a minimum of Gas And they paid for it tenfold. Of course, once highlighted the problem, Complaints started and companies started reimbursement procedures. Actions, however, often hard working.

So how do you protect yourself? If you really don’t have any money and prefer a self-service mode, look for reliable distributors where you have never had problems, e Retreat always receipt.