April 23, 2024

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Supermarkets, soon you won’t find them anymore: the best operation and storage

Supermarkets, soon you won’t find them anymore: the best operation and storage

Besides the difficult period for the manufacturing companies that has lasted for years, there is a crisis, and rising energy prices and this affects the raw materials.

If this continues, many think so It will disappear soon And that supermarkets will run out of stock. What is happening? What product are we talking about?

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Soon we won’t find it in the supermarket, what product are we talking about?

It applies to everyone, especially my producers milkOne of the commodities that has risen in price recently. price Already close to 2 euros per liter It can go up a lot. Could raising milk prices be the solution?

In addition to being unsustainable for consumers, Paradoxically, the higher price of milk does not generate greater profits for the producing companies. Price increase serves a Cover the increase in costs Gas, electricity, oil, production and transportation costs, Do not generate more income.

Italian farms have very limited profit margins, plus they have to deal with foreign competition, more capable to contain rising retail prices. With me The skyrocketing price of milk Therefore, it is feared that the sector is heading towards collapse.

Italian agricultural sector crisis, increases push producers to kneel

High milk prices may not solve the impasse. Strange but true, as producer Andrea Fracheri has explained, rising energy prices could put his company in crisis.

If this is recognized by a domestic giant with an annual turnover of 13 millionYou may really need to worry.

The Rising prices They are not only active: The entire supply chain includes: Forage, collect, transport and all the rest of the chain. Farmers themselves are having a hard time adjusting to rising costs.

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If a large company can bear the brunt of higher costs, many of them are in the long run 24,000 Italian stables would be forced to sell or slaughter their livestock, and close them forever.

A sector worth more than 16 billion euros and employing 200,000 workersYou will surely collapse.

Ask for help from the agricultural sector, milk may disappear from supermarkets

milk prices
solofinanza.it milk

The retail price of milk is already close to €2 per liter, but it can still increase. Who will gain if the product starts to run out in the market? Foreign companies can produce at low costDefinitely not the Italian one. Closure of many Italian companies would reduce competition e Foreign companies can raise prices even in the absence of potential new cost increases.

The Italian agricultural sector is asking the government for urgent intervention To keep Italian companies alive, as well as to avoid a further rise in milk prices. A serious problem that must be resolved immediately.