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Claudio Naci: “But which algorithms .. in the efficiency of football is important”

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I’ve learned that in recent years the DS career has changed, helped, at least in part, by new technologies. Remind me of people who want to change football. If, as I repeat, the pitch metrics are the same, as are the goal metrics and the ball is always round, it seems strange to me. For example, if the data indicates that 18 out of 20 teams, excluding Atalanta and Verona, have complained of more than a billion losses, they suggest a change for the worse in managers. I say this more than convinced, because in addition to the numbers, before Roma’s success in the conference league, it’s not the best, we haven’t won in Europe since 2010 and we haven’t participated in the World Cup in Russia and we will. Do not go to Qatar. Well, there’s a European in the middle and that’s no small feat, but sometimes it happens if you have lucky generals, as Napoleon chose them.

When I hear that coaches travel with a crew of 12 or that clubs have more scouts, to give the coach maximum support, I ask if this is true.
Let me explain to you: How often do you see a man jump in front of someone taking the angle with the inside or outside foot? Is there always one in the nearby post? Are those with a target in their DNA marked as a man on an inactive sphere?
Do you stand in front of the attackers when the goalkeeper returns to his feet?
Do you understand how to attack those who strike direct punishment?
Then all those people who are there to do, if not in the company of the technician, because they are usually friends or former teammates? But if you’re doing one-year courses with lessons held by teachers who know the truth, where do we want to go?
Football is a transfer of experiences and you learn from those who wish to impart it.
I’ve been saying this since 81/82, after my Masters at Coverciano, organized by Allodi, which I’m still knocking on my feet.

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That’s why I smile when I hear about algorithms or similar nonsense. When Paulo Bergamo called Roberto Callagona to explain football to the referees, he chose a football teacher. At one time he distinguished between those who understand football and others. Galliani was a skilled politician, like Spardella and Cataldo, and Moggi was hard-working, like Anconitani, but football was something different. If you think of Capelli, Elena, Cozzolino, Sandro Vitale, Riccardo Sogliano, Lucchi and others who have played in the lower leagues, there is no comparison.
A strange case, and then we won, we had worthy youth sectors, goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders who built themselves at home, and when we introduced ourselves, we were respected and afraid. See today!

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