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The Italian government adopts the EU line: from 2035, stop registering cars with internal combustion engines, whether they are petrol, diesel or hybrid. The decision was formally made during the Cite meeting, The Ministerial Committee for Environmental Transformation, which includes Ministers of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility Enrico Giovannini, Ministers of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti, and Ministers of Environmental Transformation Roberto Cingolani. Thus, the Draghi government is siding with the moratorium on the internal combustion engine from 2035 proposed by the European Union Commission prior to its ratification by the European Parliament. On the other hand, sources close to the Ministry of Environmental Transformation identifiesEven the Italian parliament will have to debate and decide whether to adopt this line. However, the timing of the parliament’s passage must be determined. The decision is due to cause discussion. Even in the governmental majority.

In recent months, Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti He called for a slowdown in the race for electricity. Now, sources close to the minister confirm all his doubts in this sector. But the owner of Mise failed to call into question the 2035 deadline agreed upon within Cite. In detail, the registration of cars with internal combustion engines should be decommissioned by 2035, by 2040 for pickups and light commercial transport vehicles. In the process, it is necessary to implement all functional solutions for decarbonization of transport in the logic of “technological neutrality” – identifies a note from moths – thus improving not only the electric vehicles but also the potential of hydrogen, as well as distinguishing, For the transition, the primary role of biofuels, as Italy builds a developed domestic supply chain.

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The concept of technological neutrality is reflected in the design Government to support investments not only in electricity but also in hydrogen and biofuels. Huge resources have been allocated in NRP. The fact remains that Anfia, the automotive chain association, has an estimated 60,000 places at risk in the endothermic engine components sector by 2035, of which about 5,000 places are today. On the other hand, there are no estimates or predictions about the places to be created in the next generation of cars. Italian Confindustria, with colleagues from France and GermanyTake a stand to demand a longer time frame for managing the transition. As business associations try to buy time, for brands that built their reputations on the old internal combustion engine, They are doing everything they can to stay on the field in a transitional period in which there will be winners and losers.

At Cop26, six homes signed a 100% commitment to green registrations From 2040: Ford, General Motors, Daimler, Mercedes-Benz, BYD, Jaguar Land Rover. While Sweden’s Volvo will fully switch to electrification as early as 2030. As for countries, Canada, Chile, Denmark, India, Poland, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom have signed. Germany, the leading European automaker, is missing out on the attractiveness. But also in Germany the dice were thrown: in its five-year plan, Volkswagen announced the day before yesterday that investments in electric and digital cars would amount to 89 billion euros. The collapse in registrations prompted car manufacturers to speed up the change: -24% in Italy in November, -67% in Europe in the first nine months of the year. But this is not the only eloquent signal coming from the market: today the best-selling car in Europe is the new Tesla Model 3.

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